Looking for a private mobile browser app? Tor has the answer

Looking for a private mobile browser app? Tor has the answer”

You can download the alpha release of Tor Browser for Android directly from Google Play.

The Tor Project didn't say if it was planning on developing an iOS version, but in the meantime, continued to recommend that iOS users use Mike Taggs' Onion Browser app. In this sense, the development team declares that these users are not exempt from online censorship and monitoring, so a year ago they thought about how to better support them.

The Tor Browser for Android is based on Firefox version 60.

Now in alpha - so expect there to be a few issues - this is the only mobile Tor browser that's supported by the Tor Project, and the developers promise that it will block trackers, protect against surveillance and ensure privacy.

Note that earlier the first page of the Tor contained numerous technical symbols that were incomprehensible especially for those users who use it only for the objective of confidentiality and anonymity.

First thing you may want to do is load in the browser to verify that the connection flows through the Tor network. It also helps you block access to your current location passes the traffic over the Tor network. For the time being, you still need the Orbot proxy app for Tor access.

Being available through an alpha channel, the Tor Browser for Android presently has some bugs. But soon the browser will itself have this feature. Now, you can get the privacy and security benefits of Tor in a new package.

Similar to the existing experience on Linux, Mac, and Windows, Tor Browser of Android delivers a private Web browsing experience. "Now all you have to do is solve a captcha in Tor Launcher, and you'll get a bridge IP", he added.

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