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Police Say Drunk Birds Will Sober Up Soon

Police Say Drunk Birds Will Sober Up Soon”

Residents of a small town have been warned to look out for birds drunk on fermented berries after the animals crashed into cars and windows. The warning was posted in response to reports of drunk birds flying into windows and cars, and just generally being wasted.

Some birds in Minnesota are getting really flocked up on fermented berries, according to police in the city of Gilbert. One woman recalled having to put her foot to the brakes when a bird collided with her windshield, while another commenter said she noticed three dead birds lying on her deck. As James Owen explained in a 2014 piece for National Geographic, freezing prompts berries to convert starches into sugars, and when the berries subsequently thaw, "it [is] possible for yeast to get in" and expedite fermentation. Berries ferment with the cold, and because of an early frost in the area, the birds were eating the intoxicating berries before their planned trip to the south for the winter.

"Generally, younger birds' livers can not handle the toxins as effectively as more mature birds", the police department writes.

Techar said the birds would sober up themselves, and that there was no need for locals to call police if they found one.

The police department says there's no need to panic, the birds will eventually sober up. Police did note, however, that witnesses should be in touch if they see "Big bird operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner" or "Woodstock pushing Snoopy off the doghouse for no apparent reason".

Police in northern Minnesota are asking the public to please stop calling them about the influx of "drunk" birds flying around.

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