Columbus, Ohio, Is Not Observing Columbus Day This Year

Columbus, Ohio, Is Not Observing Columbus Day This Year”

A similar effort twice failed in Cincinnati before a vote Wednesday finally recognized Columbus Day as the renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. The six-month exhibit was like a cross between a horticulture-obsessed version of Disney's Epcot and a miniature World's Fair, featuring a waterfall, a rose garden with 130 varieties, a display of grasses from nearly every continent on earth and a "community of nations garden" that "has got to be one of the main roads of heaven", as The Washington Post described it then. In Hawaii, it's called Discoverer's Day and since 2016 Vermont residents have observed Indigenous People Day.

Most schools are closed for Columbus Day, but some local districts-and some district offices-stay open.

While children are taught catchy rhymes about Christopher Columbus' voyages, historians say his arrival in the Americas sparked the genocide of native people by Europeans.

"It's very in vogue politically right now to do that", said festival board member Joseph Contino, noting how cities across the country have started celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day in recent years. Less than half of the states give their workers Columbus Day off as a paid holiday.

"The City of Columbus will be open on Columbus Day on Monday, October 8, 2018".

The largest city named for Christopher Columbus - Columbus, Ohio - has called off its observance of the divisive holiday that honors the explorer.

In April 1934, then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed October 12, or Columbus Day, a federal holiday. While credited with populating North America by some, to others Columbus is seen as a villain who spread disease and war among indigenous people.

"Indigenous Peoples' Day is part of a movement to recognize the atrocities committed against indigenous people while celebrating the history and contributions of Native and First Nations peoples to the community", Boise's mayor, David Bieter, said in a statement. But Curtatone, like other city and state leaders, said that the brutal history evoked by recognizing Columbus is enough to overcome any sense of pride Italian Americans might feel.

So what did Columbus really do?

It was named after Columbus in 1812, when state lawmakers made a decision to move the state capital, for travel purposes, to a more central location. "This is another feather in the city of Columbus" cap'.

The Ohio capital has a population of 860,000 with 8,500 city employees, Robin Davis, Director of Media Relations for Mayor Andrew Ginther, told ABC News. The Columbus Day Italian Parade still continued as usual Sunday.

The Columbus Italian Club posted a link on Facebook to a Dispatch article about the city's decision not to celebrate Columbus Day with a single thumbs down emoji as its lone commentary.

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