Rock used as a doorstop for decades is actually a $100,000 meteorite

Rock used as a doorstop for decades is actually a $100,000 meteorite”

For 30 years, the 22-pound space rock was used as a doorstop.

Geology faculty member at Central Michigan University Monaliza Sirbescu is evidently often asked by people if the rock they had in possession was a meteorite and often, she would politely tell them that it was not, that it was a "meteor-wrong" instead of a meteorite.

"It's the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically", said one excited Sibescu.

For Sirbescu throughout her career, this has been a regular request, with no exciting outcomes.

But this time, the answer was different.

The man has indicated that he will donate "10 percent of the sale value to the university to be used as funding for students in earth and atmospheric sciences".

The find, nicknamed the Edmore meteorite, is a large iron-nickel meteorite with a high nickel percentage of 12 percent.

He fell to the Ground somewhere in the 1930-ies, and came to its owner in 1988In the United States of America the farmer for about 30 years used a rock to prop the door for them.

The man who first gifted the space rock to its recent owner has claimed that he saw it coming down from the sky during the 1930s and then found it in a crater.

"A meteorite", the farmer said matter-of-factly. It was still warm when they dug it out in the morning and it had been in the farm since.

The farmer told him it was a meteorite, that it was part of the property and he could have it. While touring the property, the man inquired about this particular rock. But it turned out to be a meteorite valued at $100,000.

We can imagine he must be elated that he finally did so; depending on the types of rare elements discovered in the analysis now being done by the University of California, the humble doorstop meteorite could be worth at least US$100,000.

Typically what happens is that either the meteorites are sold to a museum or to some collectors or sellers, looking for a profit.

There's now a bit of a scuffle over who will buy the meteorite - both the Smithsonian and a mineral museum in ME are considering purchasing the incredible find.

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