Chinese scientists create mice with two mothers with gene-editing technology

Chinese scientists create mice with two mothers with gene-editing technology”

It is known that two mice of the same sex born 29 surviving mice without any abnormalities, which lived to adult age and also had children.

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences published an article today in Cell Stem Cell about their technique, which they say produced healthy children that were able to grow up and reproduce.

The researchers in China have noted that there are still obstacles in achieving their feat with other mammals.

The researchers, based at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, explained that in mammals, because certain maternal or paternal genes are shut off during germline development by a mechanism called genomic imprinting, offspring that don't get genetic material from both a mother and father might be developmentally abnormal or might not be viable.

They also deleted a number of "imprinted" genes from these cells, since such genes normally depend on being paired with a corresponding male gene to work properly.

Typically, a mammalian embryo needs two genomes, each containing a manuscript of genetic instructions from the mother or father.

Experts said that the concept was intriguing for its possible application to human reproduction. Babies with two mothers can actually lead a normal healthy life and can reproduce naturally after they complete adolescence, the research showed. The work, presented October 11 in the journal Cell Stem Cell, looks at what makes it so challenging for animals of the same sex to produce offspring and suggests that some of these barriers can be overcome using stem cells and targeted gene editing.

In creating the "mothers only" mice, the researchers simply injected edited stem cells directly into the egg, which was then implanted into another female mouse.

The current study successfully produced healthy bimaternal pups by making use of haploid embryonic stem cells (ESCs).

"In doing so they were able to artificially overcome some of the usual incompatibility between parents of the same sex, meaning they were able to create relatively healthy offspring with two mothers, and somewhat unhealthy offspring from two fathers that died shortly after birth".

Mammals can produce offspring only through sexual reproduction using an female egg fertilised by male sperm. The embryos were then carried to term in surrogate mothers.

Those pups survived 48 hours after birth, but the researchers are planning to improve the process so that the bi-paternal mice live to adulthood. The researchers took an egg from one mouse and a special type of cell - a haploid embryonic stem cell - from another.

The team concentrated on roughly 100 genes that are activated when they come from both parents, but rely on each other for correct development.

"This research shows us what's possible", Dr. Li says.

"The major impact of this work is the furthering of our fundamental understanding of how imprinting operates in mammals and how it acts as a barrier to uniparental reproduction".

This field of research treads on tricky ethical ground, with previous studies involving genetic editing and novel methods of reproduction prompting fears about the implications if similar processes were eventually applied to humans.

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