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Organic fruits and vegetables might reduce cancer risk, study finds

Organic fruits and vegetables might reduce cancer risk, study finds”

For the study, a team of French scientists, led by epidemiologist Julia Baudry, tracked the diets of 68,946 French adults, more than three-quarters of which were women.

During the study, participants developed a total of 1,340 cancers, 459 of which were breast cancer. The second most common was prostate cancer (180 cases), followed by skin cancer (135 cases), colorectal cancer (99 cases), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (47 cases), and other lymphomas (15 cases). There's a previous study from the United Kingdom which also shows a lower risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, but in that study you find a higher risk of breast cancer - as opposed to a lower risk of breast cancer - associated with consuming organic foods.

"What they found was that in patients who ate mostly organic foods, there were less cancers - specifically post-menopausal breast cancer and lymphoma", explained Dr. Dale Shepard from the Cleveland Clinic. According to him, lovers of natural products had the chance of developing cancer by 24 percent lower than consumers supplements.

Should the results be confirmed, organic food may become a part of the general cancer prevention guidelines, as they could significantly lower the rate of new cancer cases.

Researchers say people who eat organic also have the tendency to have an overall healthier diet and exercise more, which have been associated with reduced cancer risk. "It is unclear what the intended exposure, organic food consumption, was actually measuring", the author said.

Baudry is a researcher at the Center of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics Sorbonne Paris Cité of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research. "So, anytime people can incorporate more fruits and vegetables, minimize processed food, the better".

Dr Baudry said: "The findings, which were weighted for known cancer risk including lifestyle and family history, also revealed that organic diets benefited obese people the most".

Subjects depending on the volume of consumption of organic products were divided into different groups, watching them 4.5 years.

When they considered each type of cancer separately, they found that only three had a statistically significant association with organic food consumption. According to a new study, yes.

Based on what we know about the potential sources of pesticide residues and residues that you might avoid by consuming organic foods, the balance doesn't break even for the organics.

It's true that previous research, including one of Chavarro's own studies, have shown a correlation between organic food consumption and pesticide levels in urine, so the assumption is not incorrect.

In the meantime, "concerns over pesticide risks should not discourage intake of conventional fruits and vegetables", they advised.

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