WhatsApp might soon show targetted ads in the Status section

WhatsApp might soon show targetted ads in the Status section”

Doing this, the company will get into a primary monetization mode and also allowing businesses to reach people.

Media reports further say Facebook will be using its native advertising platform and will publish ads that could help users understand and participate in businesses using the messaging app.

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company, will start displaying ads alongside its "Status" section, confirmed WhatsApp's Vice President Chris Daniels on Wednesday. In 2016, Facebook removed the fee, making WhatsApp completely free, which really should have sent the message that advertisements were inevitable. This was something that WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton felt uncomfortable with up until his departure from the company in November 2017.

In conclusion, in early-2019, WhatsApp will start showing ads (possibly targeted ads) in the application's "status" section, a movement already deemed as unpleasant by numerous app's users.

It is highly likely WhatsApp will start rolling out ads in the Status tab from 2019. It turns out that the stories-like interface, which replaces text with photos or videos, is a flawless medium for ads, and Facebook plans to use that screen retail estate to make money. For some time now, there's been talk about ads coming to WhatsApp.

In the Forbes interview, Acton said Facebook will eventually charge for the analytics part of the WhatsApp Business app, and this might involve weakening the user encryption. Status, much like Stories, allows you to publish a combination of photos, videos, text, and other in-lay elements and share them with friends. When Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, many feared that the messaging platform would soon be riddled with ads - especially considering it was purchased for $19 Billion. The content shared on Status disappears after 24 hours.

What do you think about ads in Status and Stories? Some reports claim that they will be released early next year.

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