Australia to move Nauru asylum kids by year's end

Australia to move Nauru asylum kids by year's end”

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Dutton also warned that resettling refugees from Nauru in New Zealand would risk restarting the smuggling trade to Australia - where they would end up in Nauru, regardless of whether they have children.

"Let's not forget, this news is completely opposite to what the government has been saying was possible, and they are still continuing to fight medical transfer cases in the courts", Neumann said, referring to the government's opposition to allowing adult asylum seekers into Australia for medical treatment.

This week, the slow softening of the government's rhetoric on asylum seekers has continued, with reports that all children would be removed from immigration detention on Nauru by Christmas.

"I think now is exactly the wrong time to be sending people to New Zealand because we don't have Labor's agreement on the lifetime ban, and it's doubtful they would support it, and secondly, there's too much activity and too much speculation around which means NZ would be a pull factor", he said.

Australia reintroduced offshore detention centers in 2012 after a surge in the number of asylum seekers trying to reach the country by boat.

On Monday, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said there were 50 children left on the island and that his intention was to get that to zero, with 200 children having already been transferred to Australia. "But especially to these young men who are (at the Manus Island detention centre) for the most part. they are in utter despair with very similar medical indications".

"You don't get children off Nauru by putting more children on Nauru by weak border protection", he said.

Rights groups say hundreds of asylum-seeker children have been brought to Australia in the past few years, accompanied by their families, but many remain "in limbo", scattered across the country and often split from their parents.

One day after the Wentworth by-election 11 asylum seeker children were transferred from Nauru to Australia.

"The condition of the children has been pretty shocking", Favero said.

Under a deal with former American president Barack Obama, 439 people of a potential 1,250 have so far been resettled from Manus and Nauru to the United States.

The paediatrician said he also feared for the health of children brought to Australia, who were now being kept under guard at motels when they should be released into the community.

When Morrison took office in an internal government leadership ballot in August, there were 113 asylum seeker children on Nauru.

The news was met with mixed reactions from those who remain on Nauru. "But if we stay here, I still don't know what's going to happen".

Asked if they would stay in Australia, the former prime minister replied: "Nope, they are coming to Australia to be treated but the government has made its position absolutely crystal clear that people who come to Australia illegally by boat will never be able to settle here permanently".

Mehdi, 38, said it was great news that all the kids are being moved off Nauru, and they should have first priority.

"We all worry about our situation, what will happen to us, what they will do to us after they evacuate all the kids from Nauru", he said.

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