Overheated Machines, Dueling Deadlines, and Other News From the Latest Florida Recount

Overheated Machines, Dueling Deadlines, and Other News From the Latest Florida Recount”

Mr Trump's call to end the recount, which is mandated by Florida law because of the closeness of the races, came even though state rules allow election officials to wait 10 days for absentee ballots submitted by registered voters living outside the USA, including active-duty military personnel.

Scott, who is now also the Republican candidate for the Senate in the election under review, remains Detzner's boss even while Detzner supervises the recount that will decide whether Governor Scott becomes Senator Scott - to which the other candidate, Democratic incumbent Sen.

Florida's election recount is chugging along as more irregularities are uncovered and a judge asked the warring sides to "ramp down the rhetoric", saying it erodes public confidence in the election for Senate and governor. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Secretary of State's Office say they have not found any evidence that voter fraud is happening.

Workers are feeding ballots into the machines around the clock, but the machines can only tally one race at a time, and Bucher has already said they will not meet the state's Thursday deadline to report the recounted votes.

At a press conference Tuesday on Capitol Hill, Nelson and Schumer stood together, calling on Scott to recuse himself from the recount.

Gillum would be the first Democratic governor here in two decades; his ideology includes higher taxes, infringement upon gun rights and judicial activism.

In fundraising emails, Trump accuses the Democrats of trying to steal the election and "miraculously finding bins of votes" - again, without evidence - while at the same time begging for tens of thousands of dollars for the recount fight.

Trump tweeted out Tuesday morning, "When will Bill Nelson concede in Florida?".

Republicans are eager to cement victories in a key battleground state after maintaining their control of the U.S. Senate in last week's congressional midterm elections, while Democrats are eyeing another possible state governorship win.

The results will be presented to the state's canvassing board, for final approval - that's scheduled for next week, pending court action.

Marc Elias, a campaign attorney for Nelson, argued ahead of the looming court battle that 'we should all be able to agree that the goal here is a legal and accurate count.' Republicans have responded by contending that Democrats want to bend or skirt existing election laws to alter the outcome.

Also at issue today: the deadlines by which election officials must tally votes and conduct recounts.

Rick Scott will step down from the state panel responsible for certifying the results in the state's highly contested elections.

"President Trump and Governor Scott seem dead set against counting every vote. Why?" "He's doing this for the same reason he's been making false and panicked claims about voter fraud - he's anxious that when all the votes are counted he'll lose this election".

"It's been incredibly frustrating to watch", she said.

"I attribute it to professionalism, I attribute it to a great elections director that we have, and anticipating everything that can happen", Diaz told WLRN.

Democratic-dominated Broward and Palm Beach, the state's second- and third-most populous counties, were both slow to complete their counts. Broward County's count was delayed for several days because its machines did not initially pass a required accuracy test. Long lines, ballot shortages and other problems followed statewide, both during early voting and on Election Day. The campaign also requested that all Palm Beach County votes that are counted after Saturday's deadline to submit an initial ballot count be thrown out.

"It is no surprise that Democrats gain votes later in the counting process in part because big cities tend to contain lots of Democratic votes, and given their population, cities take much longer to count", said Richard Hasen, law professor at the University of California-Irvine and author of books on election controversies, in an opinion article Monday in Slate.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Department of State said they haven't received any credible allegations of voter fraud or criminal activity.

Once the recount is complete, if the differences in any of the races are 0.25 percentage points or less, a hand recount will be ordered. Palm Beach County said it won't finish its recount by the Thursday deadline. Florida state law requires that the results of initial machine recounts be submitted by November 15.

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