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Animal antibiotics use in the spotlight

Animal antibiotics use in the spotlight”

Health practitioners in the Kingdom have urged caution on overuse of antibiotics as the WHO is marking the world antibiotic awareness week.

Although DALY data requires a great deal of estimation, this study is the first to provide a comprehensive picture of the size and scope of antibiotic resistance and highlights European countries with higher than average health burdens from them.

"So we can have a cancer drug that may extend somebody's life by six months and that can cost between $5,000 and $100,000", he said, "And on the other hand, we can have an antibiotic that will fully save somebody's life and we get up in arms if that drug costs any more than $1,000".

Although we need to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use in human health care, a more deliberate and systematic overuse of these drugs occurs in the meat industry. He notes that antibiotics resistance is prevalent especially in children due to self-medication. Seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional such as your doctor and, if it is medically necessary to take antibiotics, take them exactly as prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist to avoid antibiotic misuse.

World Antibiotics Awareness Week takes place November 12 to 18. How did we go from revolutionizing medicine with the introduction of antibiotics to a future where common infections once again kill, in about the average American lifespan?

In the past century, we've transformed medicine and, with it, our quality of life.

Accordingly, a national AMR strategic framework has been developed in Pakistan with "One Health" approach. "What India also needs is a clear roadmap for two things - one, to phase out use in animals of antibiotics which are critically important for humans, and two, to stop antibiotic misuse for mass disease prevention", said Amit Khurana, programme director, food safety and toxins, CSE.

These have been brought to communities in the country through information drives, social media campaigns and caravans.

"Remember is that there is really a genuine threat to the world right now - it's AMR". And we could all be part of this solution.

He said that the agricultural sector contributes a significant amount to the economy with an estimated 26% of the GDP and a further 27% through manufacturing, distribution and services sector and account for 65% of the total export earnings and therefore tackling AMR would be critical in ensuring food security and maintaining export markets. "Always ask your doctors because there are normal procedures for normal infections", he said.

Find out what you can do to help prevent the spread of superbugs...

... Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies maintained that boosting drug R&D is vital in containing and ending AMR.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are here.

Not just patients or doctors are to blame for the point that we're reached.

(Web Desk) - The growing problem of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) remains a serious but avoidable health challenge in nearly all countries of the world resulting in an alarming increase in the burden of infections due to multi-resistant organisms.

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