Scientists abandoned the use of the standard kilogram

Scientists abandoned the use of the standard kilogram”

In a historic vote, nations unanimously approved Friday a ground-breaking overhaul to the global system of measurements, coming together in a way that they fail to do on so many other issues behind new definitions for the kilogram and other key units vital for trade and science.

In May 2019 when the revised definition of the kilogram is implemented, it will be based on three fundamental constants: the Planck constant, the speed of light and the cesium atom's natural microwave radiation.

Barry Inglis, Director of the International Committee for Weights and Measures said, "Today marks the culmination of decades of work by measurement scientists around the world, the significance of which is huge". Yet, despite its heavy security, the cylinder has begun to wear away, causing slight inaccuracies in the way we define and measure a kilogram.

Nobel Prize-winning American physicist William Phillips called the update "the greatest revolution in measurement since the French revolution", which ushered in the metric system of metres and kilogrammes.

It is derived from quantum physics, and with a Kibble balance - a flawlessly accurate weighing machine - can be used to to calculate the mass of an object by using a precisely measured electromagnetic force. "After May 20, the value of the Planck constant will be fixed at exactly 6.62607015 × 10 kilograms times meters squared per second", says the report.

The redefinition of the kilogram, the globally approved unit of mass, was the mostly hotly anticipated change. "We will now no longer be bound by the limitations of objects in our measurement of the world, but have universality accessible units that can pave the way to even greater accuracy, and even accelerate scientific advancement". The Planck constant is ready for use everywhere and always.

The current kilogram mass exerts a specific amount of force in Earth's gravity. It is now being retired and replaced by a new definition based on a scientific formula. After meeting the needs of science, industry and commerce for more than 130 years, the kilogram has just been fundamentally reinvented. It is also created to facilitate today's constant technical innovations. Of these seven, the kilo was the last unit still based on a physical artefact. He asked what would happen if a fingerprint got on the kilogram prototype and increased its mass. The current SI unit for the ampere is impractical to realize, and as a result, precision electrical measurements have been based for 30 years on quantum measures such as the quantum Hall effect and Josephson junctions that generate quantum voltages.

Unlike the old physical measurement, the new "electric kilo" formula can not accumulate particles of dust and pollution, decay over a period of time time, or be dropped and damaged.

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