NASA Scientists Have Revealed The Inspiration Behind Their Viral Handshake

NASA Scientists Have Revealed The Inspiration Behind Their Viral Handshake”

After six long months of space walks in the direction of Mars, space research NASA's Rover called InSight has finally touched surface of the red Planet, being able to properly and safely land. It is the beginning of the most extensive geological survey of a celestial body beyond Earth.

InSight has relayed its first transmissions and images back to Earth and has begun the initial operations of its two-year mission.

As of this writing, all of the probe's systems are operating as expected.

The spacecraft is meant to be solar-powered once it reaches the surface of Mars.

The deployment of the instruments will take several months. This includes a seismometer to study Marsquakes (tectonic activity on Mars) and a radio science experiment that will calculate the size and rotation of Mars' core and mantle. But also, as I was saying before, it tells us a lot about how planets form, and then we can apply that back to our own planet [to] understand why we have a planet, why we have a planet that has oceans, why we have a planet that has a breathable atmosphere and a temperature which is conducive to life. Two satellites trailing InSight were the ones responsible for the snapshot. Two of these spacecraft, known as Mars Cube One, or MarCO, transmitted the landing process and even an image from InSight of the martian surface immediately after landing. Catch InSight extending the solar panels it uses for battery in the GIF below. The momentous occasion - which was the eighth time in history humans have landed on the Red Planet - was captured by cameras at the Pasadena, California headquarters, as scientists and engineers erupted into cheers the moment the InSight made contact. In less time than it takes to hard-boil an egg, the lander had to slow itself from a speed of 12,300 miles per hour to just 5 miles per hour before gently touching down on the Mars surface.

Like every mission to Mars, InSight would not have been possible without a high level of meticulously planned global coordination involving hundreds of researchers and engineers.

France's Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) made the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (Seis) instrument, the key element for sensing quakes.

The MarCOs have also supported scientific exploration at Mars, even though they do not carry any scientific equipment. Provided that everything goes correctly, the lander will touch down just north of the planet's equator, Elysium Planitia.

"It's such a hard thing, it's such a risky thing that there's always a fairly uncomfortably large chance that something could go wrong".

On clear days, the panels will provide InSight with between 600 and 700 watts, which is roughly enough to power a standard kitchen blender. Mercury, closest to the sun, has a surface that's positively baked. The lander slowed as it should and appears to have landed correctly.

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