Anthem alpha testing starts on December 8, sign-ups are open

Anthem alpha testing starts on December 8, sign-ups are open”

If playing Forza 4 Horizon, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fallout 76 wasn't enough to fill your gaming docket for the next couple of months, Xbox gamers can now sign up to be a part of EA's new open world shooter game.

EA has announced that Anthem is coming to Alpha soon.

During the Alpha Test Session, players will be able to test all four types of Javelin suits (Interceptor, Ranger, Colossus, or Storm).

From there, you're pretty much set and ready to jump into the alpha, but make sure you're quick - "places are limited".

We've already signed up ourselves, and will keep you updated if BioWare and EA decide to open up the Closed Alpha to even more players in future. Each potential tester can only register for the program on one platform.

If the alpha is full, then you can still sign up to the waitlist.

Before you get too excited about jumping into your mech suit and flying around killing the various nasty-looking aliens that plague the world of Anthem, bear in mind that this first alpha test is going to be rough around the edges, and "mainly a tech test" as Mark Darrah, the executive producer of the game, clarified. If you are accepted, you will be granted access to download and pre-load the game prior to the tests' starting time.

To sign up, simply head to the EA Community Playtesting webpage, sign in with an EA account, choose a platform and when you'd like to play the alpha, and submit. That means you can't stream, post videos, and upload pictures of Anthem's alpha.

I have detailed instructions for you on how to sign up for the tests below.

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