Google Assistant gets visual lyrics, "Pretty Please" feature, and Santa calls

Google Assistant gets visual lyrics,

"If, for example, you say "Hey Google, please set a timer for 10 minutes", Google Assistant will respond 'Thanks for asking so nicely!"

When users say "Please" or "Thank You" then Google Assistant will extend the same courtesy in response.

The feature, called "Pretty Please", was announced in May, and recently implemented in Google Home devices. You can ask Assistant to read you a story, including holiday classics like Disney's "Mickey's Christmas Carol" and more.

With this, you can use Google Assistant on your phone to speak through your smart displays at home like an intercom.

"What's on my to-do list?" The good news is that Google realizes this is a huge shortcoming, so support for Keep,, Bring!, and Todoist is some point.

Sing-Along: If you have a Google Play Music subscription, your smart display can now display the lyrics to "select songs" on the screen, in sync with the music. Starting now, you'll be able to dismiss those photos and never see them on your Home Hub (or other Smart Display) again.

Touch Alarms: Swipe up from the home screen and tap the new timer button to set an alarm.

Google has also upgraded the experience on Google Assistant-powered Smart Displays by enabling lyrics support. First, the sound is much improved-the new Show features sound quality that's impressive, if not category-leading, and it's the best-sounding device Amazon has ever brought to market. Under that feature, kids can say, "Hey Google, Call Santa" to help Santa rehearse for a concert. That's because, one, it's a fabulous product that sits snugly in T3's best smart speakers guide and, two, Argos has just knocked a whopping £50 off its price.

Most of the features arrive today, but some, like Broadcast replies and certain Read Along titles will take a bit longer.

Last but certainly not least, Google Assistant can now "capture your thoughts and manage multiple lists in one central place". More content will be launched over the holiday season, accessible by simply saying "Hey Google, tell me a Winter story" or other similar phrased Christmas requests.

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