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Recently, online slots have become a very common game, as more and more Internet users began to show interest in slot machines. In order to become the owner of the winnings, it is not necessary to develop any complex formulas, simply familiarize yourself with the simple rules of the game. The key to your success will be a coherent course of action and a strategy invented in advance. Before you start the game, you should carefully select online casinos, guided by such criteria as: a license, a high rating and the number of positive and negative reviews. You should always remember that you should not play in an unknown casino. After all, you can only count on winning, playing in a proven casino.

There is not one type of online casino slots. The most common are the machines with five drums. Playing online slots, you must have a starting capital. After all, these machines are not designed to win without bets made. Often, they should be about ten, or fifteen dollars. With this deposit, you can get up to $ 50 a day. A good salary for a start, and even for a beginner. After all, you not only won back your hard-earned money, but also received another amount 4 times more than the amount set. If you have already made your deposit, then you can directly go to the game itself.


But do not rush to immediately run the slots, let's deal with the rules of the game:


  • The key role in the game is played by the bet, so at the beginning of the game you should decide on its size. Also, no less important are the gaming lines, or rather their number. In order to win a good amount, you must bet on all the game lines at once. If the bet made is high, then the winnings will be the same. But given that the game of machines is often designed for luck, you should expect that a losing slot can fall out. Coming out of this, many players start their game from the minimum bets, gradually raising them;

  • After you have made your bet, press the “start” button, or “spin”, this will depend on the type of machine you are playing. The waiting time of the back is often about ten seconds;

  • If you win a winning spin, you should not immediately increase the bet to win all at once. It would be best if you withdraw your winnings. The same can be said about the loser. In case of loss of a losing slot, do not panic and do not rush to recoup immediately, while increasing the amount of the deposit. Best of all, if you postpone this process until a better time. In such moments, it is very important to have common sense and not lose control;

  • As for the withdrawal of winnings, it can be normal and instantaneous. With a normal withdrawal, the money will go to your account after 5-7 days. And with immediate - immediately after the application. But you should take into account the fact that the latter type of output is paid, so as it will be more convenient for you, you will already decide for yourself.


Varieties of online casino slots


  1. Automatic slot machine - you don’t have to bet big money and in which you can win a decent amount. Slots act on a certain principle, according to which you need to collect the right combination of characters to get a win. As time progressed, technologies developed, which resulted in the modernization of slot machines and features of slots. Mechanized slots have been replaced by a digital screen displaying images. This made it possible to use various slot machines in almost all online casinos under the category with slot machines. From the above, we can distinguish two types of slot machines;

  2. Mechanical slots machines - the most prominent representative of such a device is the "one-armed gangster" for the launch of which it is necessary to pull the lever. These machines are in this casino. There are no more than five playing lines, and no more than three reels in slot machines of this kind. Similar gaming machines are present in online casinos, but it is difficult to call them mechanized. In the vast majority of casinos, mechanical slots are considered to be outdated slot machines;

  3. Video slots - differ from the mechanical with the presence of the screen on which the reels spin the number of which has increased up to five. The number of playing lines, respectively, increased up to half a hundred. Since the number of slot machines in online casinos is not constrained by the size of the premises, their varieties in such casinos reach hundreds or more. What can not be achieved in an ordinary casino. In addition, these machines attract a lot of bonuses and gingerbread which are given depending on the casino and the type of game. Online and offline versions of this type of machines are in great demand. The machines in which the N-amount going to the jackpot bank is called "Progressive Slots" is withdrawn from any bet. Such machines give each player a chance to win huge money, since most casinos are connected to one network, and hence the progressive bank is united;

  4. Video Poker - is a casino slot machine, essentially the same video slot. The only difference is that you have to play any card game, as a rule, poker, instead of folding combinations. This game is based not only on the theory of probability, like video slots, although here you also need to collect the most advantageous combination. In this game, your choice already means something. This casino game is less profitable, as it may entail a little more losses. Playing such "video cards" you will have to decide, based on the calculation and your own flair. In most online casinos, various types of such machines are available in a plentiful assortment;

  5. Others - in addition to slots and video poker, there are also other machines, for example, machines simulating roulette.




Almost any online slot offers the player additional opportunities to win without registration and SMS. This is taken care of and the game winning combinations, which can increase the gain by tens and hundreds of times, and the "wild" symbols, replacing any other. The winnings-to-lose ratio laid down in every new slots is able to provide those players who play slot machines in a constant online mode with very good winnings. It is important that those who choose the slot machines Vulcan can play for free an unlimited number of times without registering. Complete the registration process and play slot machines for money - this is the choice of each player. Many begin to play slots for free, and then, having filled his hand and gaining experience, they begin to play for money in Vulcan casino. The free game helps to test successful strategies, understand the patterns of operation of a particular online slot game, and then start getting real wins.

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