'Dark Side Of Moon' Stunning Panoramic Photo Captured By China's Chang'e-4

'Dark Side Of Moon' Stunning Panoramic Photo Captured By China's Chang'e-4”

The other face, most of which can not be seen from the Earth, is called the far side or the "dark side" of the moon, not because it is dark, but because most of it is uncharted.

Other countries are also interested in the red planet, with Nasa in the United States, the European Space Agency, Roscosmos of Russian Federation, and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency planning to explore Mars in the coming decade. In the same auction, three tiny Moon rocks brought back from space by the unmanned Soviet Luna-16 mission were sold for $855,000.

Robinson said that the prominent crater, roughly 80 feet (25 meters) in diameter, in front of the lander can be seen in the LROC imagery. "They have reached the predetermined engineering goals, right now they are getting into the stage of scientific searches", Zhang Kejian, director of the China National Space Administration, said before engineers at the Beijing centre. He added that while NASA's satellite did not catch the precise moment of landing, it took photographs of the area afterward.

So was a data collaboration with NASA, the first cooperation since a 2011 law banned such activity without congressional approval.

Fox News has reached out to NASA with a request for comment on this story.

The Chang'e-4 mission successfully landed on the moon on 3 January 2019.

According to a statement from China's Lunar and Deep Space Exploration (CLEP), scientists have already completed a preliminary analysis of the lunar surface topography around the site where the Chang'e-4 landed based on the image.

It is popularly called the "dark side" because it can't be seen from Earth and is relatively unknown, not because it lacks sunlight.

China set up a relay satellite in May to receive communication from Chang'e 4.

Officials at the briefing declined to give specific figures on the costs of the space program.

According to the deputy director of the country's space agency, Wu Yanhua, the successful mission marked a turning point for Chinese space exploration. During a series of historic lunar orbits NASA astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders became the first humans to see the far side of the Moon.

Wu Yanhua said the Chang'e 4 was originally built as a "backup product" for Chang'e 3.

The Chang'e-5 probe, originally scheduled to collect moon samples in the second half of 2017, will launch by the end of the year, Wu said. It will most likely become the world's only space station if the US-led International Space Station will be retired as planned.

China's landing of a lunar probe on the dark side of the moon was a big deal, scientifically and on the global political front.

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