Scientists Say That the Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting Very Fast

Scientists Say That the Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting Very Fast”

Glaciers in the country deposit chunks of ice into the Atlantic Ocean, which then melt.

Scientists believe global warming is to blame - and the findings could have serious implications for coastal United States cities including NY and Miami, as well as island nations particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels. "But if you take ice mass off of Greenland and put it directly into the sea at a faster rate than anyone is modeling, that would imply that sea-level projections are maybe a little conservative", said Kaitlin Keegan, a Dartmouth research associate.

"In terms of rate of transfer of ice to oceans, both mechanisms are important", said lead author Michael Bevis, a geophysicist at The Ohio State University.

"The only thing we can do is adapt and mitigate further global warming..."

For the study, were evaluated the researchers in the period from 2003 to 2016, the satellite data from the Grace Mission (Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment) and data from on-site measurements included.

The research reveals how different areas of Greenland might contribute to sea-level rise in future. Climate scientists have mostly studied the south east and north west regions for sea level rise as these have a lot of glaciers. "It's because the atmosphere is, at its baseline, warmer", Bevis said.

But a team of scientists led by Michael Bevis, lead author and professor of geodynamics at The Ohio State University, made a decision to look at Greenland's less-studied southwest region and found that this region that is devoid of large glaciers has had the largest sustained ice loss from early 2003 to mid-2013.

This melting is largely due to global warming which is amplifying a natural weather phenomenon, known as the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) - a large-scale alternation of atmospheric mass between subtropical high surface pressure, centered on the Azores, and subpolar low surface pressures, centered on Iceland. Alarmingly, the Antarctic is also undergoing an accelerated melt down, losing six times as much ice as it was four decades ago, a January 14 study reported.

The reason for this is the bad impact of humanity on the Earth leading to an acceleration of warming in the atmosphere.

Using data from satellites and Global Positioning System stations across Greenland, his team found that by 2012, Greenland was losing ice at four times the rate it was in 2003, and that acceleration was focused in the southwest region. Instead, Greenland melting ice sheets faster than previously feared. Though glaciers are still the major contributor to sea-level rise, the researchers predict that at the rate that it's increasing, melting in southwest Greenland will become a major player in the future. Evan Bush of the Seattle Times has a story today that says researchers have, for the first time, cataloged the ice fields of the Northwest using satellite images and a supercomputer. "The water temperature fluctuations driven by an El Niño are riding this global ocean warming".

"Global warming has brought summertime temperatures in a significant portion of Greenland close to the melting point", Bevis explained, "and the North Atlantic Oscillation has provided the extra push that caused large areas of ice to melt". Once you hit that tipping point, the only question is: "How severe does it get?"

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