Watch SpaceX Test Fire the Raptor Engine

Watch SpaceX Test Fire the Raptor Engine”

Space X's Starship Raptor rocket engine is part of the company's ambition to transport humans to the moon and beyond. To publicly show the first test fire following the design changes and have it work perfectly will be of great encouragement to the SpaceX team.

A prototype version of the Starship, dubbed the Starship Hopper, is under construction at another SpaceX facility on South Texas' Gulf Coast. While SpaceX plans to develop optimized versions of the Raptor for both the Starship upper stage and the lower booster stage, now called Super Heavy, SpaceX is, for now, working on only a single version of the engine for both.

Prior to the damages, Musk shared images of the progress on the test hopper as engineers work to bring it to life.

Elon Musk joyfully tweeted footage of a rocket engine sprays multicolored flames on Sunday.

Raptor is the engine SpaceX intends to use to eventually get to Mars, which is why it has roughly twice the thrust of the Merlin 1D engine used in the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. "Next versions will split to vacuum-optimized (380+ sec Isp [specific impulse]) & sea-level thrust optimized (~250 ton)".

Back in December, Musk tweeted that he had redesigned the engine. Musk said in early January that test flights there could begin in four weeks, "which probably means 8 weeks, due to unforeseen issues".

The entire hollow nosecone broke off, and at the time, Musk said it would take a few weeks to fix.

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