New 'Battlefield V' Gameplay Video Showing Off Battle-Royale Mode In-Depth Leaks

New 'Battlefield V' Gameplay Video Showing Off Battle-Royale Mode In-Depth Leaks”

Twitch streamer shroud caught wind of the leaked trailer for Battlefield V Firestorm, but wasn't completely sold by what he was seeing. (We didn't have that kind of stuff back in the early '40s, you know.) On the upside, you can still fire a sidearm while you're bleeding, so you're not automatically reduced to hoping that nobody notices while you crawl for the nearest corner and cry for help.

While Battlefield 5 has been out for quite some time since its debut last fall, the multiplayer shooter still has one big mode left on the horizon with its upcoming "Firestorm" battle royale mode. Similarly, players will find weapons, ammo, backpacks, and other fear scattered around the huge maps. There are three rarities when it comes to weapons: Common, Rare, or Epic.

Battlefield 5 sold more than 7 million copies, but overall it failed to meet EA's commercial expectations.

Each class of weapon uses its own type of ammo and you'll only be able to carry a limited amount, so inventory management will be a concern.

What are you thoughts on this Firestorm datamine? Objective and safes can be found as well, which give access to reinforcement call ins, rare loot and combat vehicles - shown in the video were small helicopters, submersible jeeps and tanks. The card supports up to 64 players, although it is possible that in the future this number will increase with the release of updates or additions. Firestorm will be EA's second new battle royale experience in as many months, as Respawn launched its free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends in February.

The Tweet from DICE confirms that the battle royale mode is finally coming soon to Battlefield 5, but when it's not yet clear.

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