Geoffrey Cox says ministers will 'listen' to demands for second Brexit referendum

Geoffrey Cox says ministers will 'listen' to demands for second Brexit referendum”

The result was a compromise on the date, with a deadline of October 31 for Britain to leave, deal or no deal-on condition that May holds an election on May 23 to return British members to a new European Parliament that convenes in July, and that it pledge not to disrupt key EU decision-making before it leaves.

Britain had been due to leave the EU on Friday, but May rushed to an emergency summit in Brussels to plead with her European counterparts to hold off on saying goodbye for a couple more months.

The officials spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss the closed-door negotiations.

European Council President Donald Tusk and and Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels on Wednesday. The parliament is still in deadlock over her deal, which has been rejected three times. If the two sides can get a deal, the Withdrawal Agreement will be likely to pass a vote in Parliament. "This is our national duty as elected members of this House - and nothing today is more pressing or more vital". The two sides said they would resume their discussions Thursday.

BBC political editor Laura Keunssberg said the slight pause in the Brexit crisis might mean MPs will return "clear-headed and ready for compromise" in 10 days' time.

Mr Corbyn said talks between Labour and the Conservatives to find a Brexit compromise were "serious, detailed and ongoing", and on the central Labour demand that the United Kingdom stay in the EU customs union, Mrs May said: "I think there is actually more agreement in relation to a customs union than is often given credit for when different language is used". She also has promised to step down once Brexit is delivered. Economists and business leaders have warned that a no-deal Brexit would lead to huge disruptions in trade and travel, with tariffs and customs checks triggering gridlock at British ports and possible shortages of goods.

May has said that if she can not reach a Brexit deal with the opposition, she hopes to persuade them to sign up to some process of parliamentary votes, which both sides would then agree to abide by.

Now what? Yesterday was another day, with another Brexit statement by the prime minister, after another European summit where Britain had secured another extension.

Perhaps she might judge on this year's walking break that enough is enough, and one of them should be given the chance to push Brexit over the line: but her resilience and staying-power are, of course, legendary.

May believes her deal - which would allow the government to control migration - is closer to what Brexit voters want, than the alternatives.

Mr Peston said he had spoken with several of Mr McDonnell's colleagues, including those who are sceptical of a second referendum, and he had arrived at this conclusion.

"There is no majority among MPs for any outcome, but there is no majority among British people for any outcome", he said in an interview.

"She also. made the point that the United Kingdom was a serious country", the source said, "and we should not get distracted by some non-members of the government who seem to be trying to create the opposite impression". He said it was not on the minds of the European Union leaders.

"It's now a very real possibility that we can remain in the European Union", he said.

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