May told to resign over 'abject surrender' of Brexit delay

May told to resign over 'abject surrender' of Brexit delay”

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press to talk about the negotiations.

"Please, do not waste this time", European Council President Donald Tusk pleaded.

May came to the summit in Brussels seeking a delay to June 30.

The summit conclusions make clear Britain was a full member of the European Union until it left, but noted the "commitment by the United Kingdom to act in a constructive and responsible manner throughout the extension".

She urged Labour to support her withdrawal plans in the "national interest" as she suggested she was prepared to cut a deal with the opposition over British membership of a post-Brexit customs union. Compared to some testy recent summits, there were signs of warmth, even comedy. After the European Union summit, German Chancellor Merkel sounded open to the possibility of a further extension.

Mrs May failed to convince many leaders, notably Mr Macron, that she had a new strategy for securing ratification. It has come and gone, and the red line has become the May 23-26 European elections and the July 2 start of this new five-year EU legislative session.

Others indicated a longer delay would probably be required, given that the depth of the political disarray of Britain. Her problem is no longer that she is running out of time.

Former Brexit secretary David Davis insisted that no progress had been made in Brussels and that pressure on Mrs May to quit as PM will increase, telling the BBC: "I think what is likely to happen is the pressure for her to go will go up".

Cabinet ministers told The Daily Telegraph that they see May 22 - the date of the European elections - as the time for her to resign.

But U.K. lawmakers refused it three times.

MPs in Britain continue to be opposed to the Withdrawal Agreement finalised by May with the European Union in November 2018 and have rejected the so-called divorce bill three times since January this year. Britain threats spelled out with no deal on Friday, if no extension is allowed. Her task, as it has been for almost three years, is to bridge the increasingly bitter divide that separates those who want to sever connections with the European Union and those who want to keep the ties that have bound Britain into the bloc for almost 50 decades.

However, the bloc's patience is wearing thin.

Alternatively, the government may still collapse under the pressure of Brexit, bringing about a general election and potentially a U-turn in British Brexit policy.

"Vitally, the EU has agreed that the extension can be terminated when the Withdrawal Agreement has been ratified - which was my key request of my fellow leaders", May said in a statement in the early hours of Thursday at the end of a European Council summit.

The government claims it won't be obstructive, since it wants to maintain close ties. The British political class now has more room to breathe but making a decision still won't be easy. We decided on staying in.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has told MPs it remains her "priority" to deliver Brexit, defending the decision to delay the UK's exit from the EU.

Leaders are exasperated with her handling of a tortuous and costly divorce that is a distraction from ensuring the bloc can hold its own against global economic challenges.

Every initiative has floundered so far. "But to make this process work, the opposition would need to agree to this too", she said. The two sides said Thursday they would resume their talks.

Paperwork and goods checks are reduced when goods cross borders of these countries.

"It does not need to leave with no deal; in the moment it does not need to vote for your offer".

With almost everyone entirely stepped into Britain's departure from the European Union, two questions took centre stage Tuesday: How - and when - to get the United Kingdom politely out the doorway.

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