'God of Chaos' asteroid to buzz Earth in 2029

'God of Chaos' asteroid to buzz Earth in 2029”

The study was led by Ziliang Jin, a postdoctoral scholar at ASU, and was published this week in Science Advances.

Itokawa, which is considered a siliceous asteroid, is made up of mostly stony materials and nickel. The asteroid from Itokawa has a diameter of 1,800 feet long and a width of about 700 to 1,000 feet, and it makes a cycle around the Sun at 18 months distance at a medium distance of 1.3 times the 93 million miles span between Earth and Sun. "Hayabusa touched down twice on the asteroid and collected a small amount of dust, despite the failure of the mechanism designed for the objective".

"See you in 10 years!" Part of Itokawa's path brings it inside Earth's orbit and at farthest, it sweeps out a little beyond that of Mars. It has two main lobes, each studded with boulders but having different overall densities, while between the lobes is a narrower section.

"It was a privilege that the Japanese space agency JAXA was willing to share five particles from Itokawa with a USA investigator", said Maitrayee Bose, a co-author on the paper. It appears that their hunch was right as they did find indeed that the asteroid contained water.

Researchers discovered pyroxene in two of the five rock samples.

Samples from another asteroid, Ryugu, had almost no water at all. Each sample measures only about half the thickness of a human hair, so the scientists used a Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer or NanoSIMS, which can measure tiny mineral grains with great sensitivity. They also suggest that even nominally dry asteroids such as Itokawa may in fact harbour more water than scientists have assumed.

"The Hayabusa mission to Itokawa has expanded our knowledge of the volatile contents of the bodies that helped from Earth", Bose said.

"Although the samples were collected at the surface, we don't know where these grains were in the original parent body". Johnson said that FEMA and NASA will be continuing to work together in conducting frequent exercises and this in turn helps them to work side by side and learn to meet their objectives and needs that has been given in the White House National NEO Preparedness action plan. These minerals are also similar to those found on Earth. Other scenarios possibly explaining Earth's water sources include the gradual accumulation of ice in pebble-sized bodies as the snow line migrated and the ingassing of molecular hydrogen by growing planets.

"Pattern-return missions are obligatory if we actually need to do an in-depth examination of planetary objects", Bose informed CNN.

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