Xiaomi installs a phone-dispensing vending machine in India

Xiaomi installs a phone-dispensing vending machine in India”

The new Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks utilise a completely human-less interface and purchasing a Xiaomi smartphone or accessory from these Mi Express Kiosks is as easy as purchasing a cold drink. It's a vendo that dispenses new smartphones.

Xiaomi has revealed that the Mi Express Kiosks will soon be installed throughout the metro cities.

These new Mi Express Kiosks are essentially vending machines that allow consumers to buy Xiaomi smartphones and accessories on their own - quite similar to those soda vending machines you see at the airport. The kiosks are created to accept all forms of payments across credit cards, debit cards, cash and UPI, making it a highly convenient and hassle-free form of purchase for customers as stated by the company in its press note. You can order online from Xiaomi's online store or partner sites or you can walk into a retail shop and purchase one. More will be set up around the country but for now, we'll focus on what's public.

There are two ways to purchase Xiaomi's products.

Xiaomi's products come with the great build quality and they are designed for all types of consumers.

Xiaomi India managing director Manu Kumar Jain said that India is the largest market outside China and is now the fastest growing market among all sizeable countries.

The idea is for what seems like a one-stop shop that accepts all payments.

Vending machines are a marketing strategy that can be very effective when done right. The procedure will be a little faster and you don't have to wait for your device after successful payment. In India, Xiaomi teamed up with several companies to offer promo and discount.

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Arranged open zone areas for Mi Express Kiosks incorporate air terminals, metro stations, shopping centers, and tech parks.

This could be considered Xiaomi's third activity to enter the disconnected market in India.

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