A quarter of Google Duplex calls are initiated by humans

A quarter of Google Duplex calls are initiated by humans”

Google's automated reservation service, Duplex, has rolled out nearly all over the United States (except for Kentucky and Louisiana) after it became available as a limited test following last year's announcement at Google I/O.

Google Duplex, the company's insane AI system that can pretend to be a real human to help book restaurants and hair appointments, has been rolling out over the past year.

When Google unveiled Duplex previous year, it was touted as a booking system that uses eerily human-sounding artificial intelligence to make reservations. Still, the New York Times managed to record that one automated call (you can check it out in the article), and it sounds eerie.

Google said there are several factors behind why it might use a human instead of the AI to place a call, including whether the business takes reservations, or if the user of the assistant might be a spammer. According to the company, human intervention is helping them to make assistant better than before by gathering information. About 25% of the calls placed through Duplex were started by a human, while 15% of those that began with an automated system was intervened by a human at some point.

Speaking to the New York Times, Google said its AI assistant isn't yet smart enough to handle every call it makes. If these are not available, it will transfer the task to a human for help. When the Times tried making bookings with Duplex (via Google Assistant), it found three of the four successful reservations were carried out by humans. If these are unavailable.

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