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US study suggests e-cigarette flavorings may pose heart risk

US study suggests e-cigarette flavorings may pose heart risk”

The study adds that there is growing evidence that flavoured "e-liquids" used in vapes can set back the cell's ability to function and survive.

The study found that blood vessels, when exposed to vape fluid, started to exhibit "significantly increased levels" of cell death and DNA damage.

VAPING: E-cigarette liquids may increase the risk of heart disease (Pic: GETTY) "The public has this notion that e-cigarettes are safe". According to researchers, cigarette smoking causes one of every three deaths that result from cardiovascular disease.

Study co-lead Dr Won Hee Lee, who is an assistant professor at the University of Arizona, said: "When you're smoking a traditional cigarette, you have a sense of how many cigarettes you're smoking". "Our research calls that idea into question".

According to the study, the e-cig users turned to numerous same cessation aids as regular cigarette smokers; about a quarter sought support from family and friends, and 11% turned to counseling or self-help materials.

They surveyed 400,000 people and discovered that almost 67,000 respondents who vaped had a 71 percent higher risk of stroke.

Cells, known as endothelial cells, line the surface of the blood vessels and help keep your heart healthy.

For each flavor, human iPS cells were exposed to nicotine levels of 0, 6 and 18 milligrams per milliliter. A minority of e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine. "Eventually, they want to stop using e-cigarettes the same way a traditional smoker wants to quit smoking cigarettes", said Marc Steinberg, lead author of the study.

In recent years, vaping has grown in popularity.

Vaping may raise the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke because of the flavorings in e-cigarettes. This marks the largest increase in youth use of any substance in the 40 years the Surgeon General's office has surveyed youth drug use.

Wu said that the researchers suspect that different components of e-cigarette vapor might harm blood vessel cells in different ways.

The researchers found that a cardiovascular cell type was toxically affected during the study that looked at six e-liquids with different nicotine concentrations.

Research performed at the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that - among several flavours tested - cinnamon and menthol flavours are the most damaging. However, that's not necessarily correct.

This study was the first to use endothelial cells derived from iPS cells to directly investigate the effect of e-liquids with and without nicotine on their viability and function.

While the researchers tested six liquids in the new study, experts say there are thousands of unique flavors being sold online.

"Using stem cells could provide a new resource to understand the personal and the common genetic underpinnings related to the development of many related cardiovascular diseases", Dr. By cultivating collaborative research locally and globally, the college accelerates discovery in a number of critical areas - including cancer, stroke, traumatic brain injury and cardiovascular disease. As the anchor to the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, which is projected to have an economic impact of $3.1 billion by 2025, the college prides itself on engaging with the community, fostering education, inclusion, access and advocacy.

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