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Measles cases in 2019 highest since 1992

Measles cases in 2019 highest since 1992”

The latest tally represents an increase of 41 measles cases since last week, and the highest annual case count since 1992, when 2,237 cases were reported and four people died. The CDC has been working with state and local health departments to get the ongoing outbreaks under control.

'Again, I want to reassure parents that vaccines are safe, they do not cause autism. "The greater danger is the disease the vaccination prevents", CDC Director Robert Redfield said.

The CDC stated that outbreaks in New York City and Rockland County, New York, have continued for almost eight months.

The CDCset a goal to eliminate measles in the 1978, and transmission of the viral infection was significantly curbed through widespread vaccinations and public health efforts to detect and contain measles cases before they became outbreaks.

The high case count in 2019 has been driven by a few large outbreaks, including in New York City and New York's Rockland County, where the virus has been spreading for almost eight months.

When measles was declared eradicated in the United States in 2000, it meant the virus was no longer continually present year-round although outbreaks have still happened via travelers coming from countries where measles is common. But now, the disease has returned. In the United States, 704 cases of measles were reported across 22 states between January 2019 to April 2019, compared with 372 cases reported in 2018, 120 cases in 2017, 86 cases in 2016, 188 in 2015, and 667 in 2014.

Parents who object to mandated vaccines are very well informed and fundamentally require honesty from vaccine czars that are protecting the vaccine industry profits and not telling the whole truth about safety. "We have to work to ensure that the information they are receiving to make health decisions for their children is accurate and credible", the CDC said.

The disease has mostly affected children who have not received the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, which confers immunity to the disease.

The CDC said everyone six months and older should be protected against measles before traveling internationally. When there was a resurgence of measles cases during 1980 and 1990 health officials asked parents to given their children two doses of MMR instead of one.

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