2 Massive Asteroids Zip Incredibly Close To Earth Today — NASA Asteroid Tracker

2 Massive Asteroids Zip Incredibly Close To Earth Today — NASA Asteroid Tracker”

There is a football field-sized asteroid heading in Earth's direction, and there is a possibility that it could collide with Earth, according to multiple reports. The asteroid measures 164 feet in diameter. The thing about 2006QV89 is that this massive asteroid poses one in 7,000 chances to impact Earth as it whizzes next to our planet in September this year. While, many other news reports talked about this event as a unsafe one, accentuating the significance of the flyby of the 2006QV89 massive asteroid, in reality, this space rock is a Near-Earth Object (NEO), some types of asteroids located near our planet but which are strictly tracked down by space agencies. However, you shouldn't worry about it since this giant space rock has only one in 7,000 chances to impact Earth this fall.

The IAWN and ESO hope to improve the Earth's defenses against asteroids and other NEOs that would possibly crash into the planet by studying the observations made on the space rocks that have been zipping by. After its 2019 flyby, the object is expected to swoop by Earth in 2032, 2045 and 2062, the ESA reported. According to NASA, this classification is given to any small object that flies near Earth.

So-called Near Earth Objects (NEO), or objects like asteroids or comets that come within 30 million miles of Earth's orbit, have been spotted 18,000 times in 2018 alone, according to the Planetary Society.

The asteroid, named 2002 AJ129, was estimated by NASA to be 0.68 miles in diameter-more than the height of the world's largest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the width of Central Park, both of which are about half a mile. And, when it passes by Earth, it will reach speeds up to 22.28km per second or 51,000mph (82,080kph).

2006QV89 is now 4.2 million miles away from us.

A space rock that has twice the width of the asteroid that blew up in the air over Russian Federation back in 2013 is going to travel at a close distance from Earth this year, in September, and astronomers say that there is a tiny chance that it could have a more significant impact than they initially thought. Many objects impact the moon every year, but they're not always seen.

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