Vatican document rejects right to choose or change gender

Vatican document rejects right to choose or change gender”

It is directed at Catholic schools and it speaks of an "educational crisis that can annihilate the concept of nature".

"'The document provides little by way of practical information for schools and families, many of whom are already working successfully and in collaboration with representative organisations such as TENI and BeLongTo, to create safe, supportive and welcoming learning environments for trans and gender variant young people to grow and flourish in education".

The document, the Vatican's first on gender theory, branded gender fluidity a symptom of "momentary desires" and a "confused concept of freedom".

"The process of identifying sexual identity is made more hard by the fictitious construct known as "gender neuter" or "third gender" which has the effect of obscuring the fact that a person's sex is a structural determinant of male or female identity", it states. "The effect of this move is chiefly to create a cultural and ideological revolution driven by relativism, and secondarily a juridical revolution, since such beliefs claim specific rights for the individual and across society".

However, the document claims the congregation wants to "train young people to be open and interested in the reality that surrounds them, capable of care and tenderness".

The Vatican booklet denounced theories that attempted to "annihilate the concept of nature" and "educational programmes and legislative trends that make a radical break with the actual biological difference between male and female".

'Grounded in what appears to be a fundamental misstating of what it means to be transgender or intersex, ' said TENI chair, Sara R. Phillips. "This oscillation between male and female becomes, at the end of the day, only a 'provocative" display against so-called 'traditional frameworks'".

Pope Francis has repeatedly argued against people choosing their own genders.

While traditionalist groups have lauded the 31-page Vatican document, conspicuously published during LGBT Pride Month, it was swiftly denounced by LGBT Catholics as fuelling bigotry and violence against gay and transgender people.

Francis DeBernardo, head of New Ways Ministry, said such concepts were outdated, misinformed and ignore contemporary science on factors beyond visible genitalia that determine gender. Such confusion leads to self-harm, addiction, and even suicide.

He said: "The misinformation the document contains will cause families to reject their children, and it will increase alienation of LGBT people from the Church".

"The only truth that the document reveals is that the Vatican remains ill-equipped to discuss gender and sexuality in the modern world", he continued.

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