Chandrayaan 2: ISRO releases first pictures of orbiter and lander

Chandrayaan 2: ISRO releases first pictures of orbiter and lander”

The moon landing is planned for September 6 or 7. Isro has depended on industry and academia the muscle and the brain for Chandrayaan2, he said. Space agency ISRO is giving final touches to the 3.8 ton satellite that has cost the country more than Rs. 600 crore. "It is going to take place between July 9 and 16, this year", he said, addressing scientists from the Mission Control Centre. The orbiter will carry eight, the lander three and the rover two.

"Chandrayaan-2 will be launched on July 15 at 2.51 am", Sivan said at a news briefing.

All together, the instruments will study the chemical composition of the lunar surface up to a depth of few tens of metres, its thermal characteristics, surface plasma, distribution of minerals, the lunar exosphere, quakes on the Moon, etc. Sivan said at the conference that the period when the lander will attempt to descend on the lunar surface will encompass "the most terrifying moments" for the organisation.

From the time of Lander landing on the surface to theRover to come out and land on the surface will take four hours, according to him. "The rover will move at the speed of 1 cm per second", Sivan added.

"Whole country is waiting for this Chandrayaan-2 mission, yes ISRO has slipped (dates) many times, now ISRO has firmed up the date of launch, it is July 15 early morning at 2:51", Sivan told reporters here.

Chandrayaan-2 will explore the southern part of the Moon, Sivan added, making India the first country to do so.

It launched a record 104 satellites in a single mission in 2017, and has also built a reputation for low-priced space exploration and science missions.

The cost of GSLV MK IIIis Rs 375 crore. The NASA experiment is reportedly a small retroreflector that will help measure the distance between Earth and the Moon with greater precision.

Chandrayaan-1 in 2008 orbited the moon and ejected a probe that discovered water-bearing molecules in craters at the moon's poles, with the highest density inside permanently shadowed craters at the South Pole.

The Rover will roll out and carry out scientific experiments on the lunar surface. The Rover is housed inside the Lander. After launch into earth bound orbit by GSLV MK-III, the integrated module will reach Moon orbit using Orbiter propulsion module.

Chandrayaan-2 comes 10 years after ISRO launched its first lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, in 2009.

Chandrayaan-1 had 11 payloads - five from India, three from Europe, two from the United States and one from Bulgaria - and the mission had the credit for discovery of water on the lunar surface.

Upon launch, the GSLV rocket will travel east for 15 minutes and release the spacecraft into an eccentric orbit of 178 x 38,000 km.

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