Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Exclusive Gym Leaders

Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Exclusive Gym Leaders”

The next generation of Pokemon is almost here, and with the games' imminent release means learning more about what the latest entries have to offer. Previously, the only three new Pokemon we've seen are Scorbunny, the fire type; Sobble, the water type; and Grookey, the grass type.

The Japanese YouTube channel has a separate video showing off much of the same information and gym leaders, but there's also more footage of what Galar looks like, that adorable corgi Pokemon, and a few more environments. Bea, the Fighting-type expert will be a gym leader exclusive to Pokemon Sword and Allister will be a Ghost-type leader exclusive to Pokemon Shield.

It allows Pokemon to use special "G-Max Moves", which are specific to different species.

Of course, along with version-exclusive Gyms, there will be a handful of Pokemon you'll only be able to catch in either Sword or Shield, and now we've gotten our first glimpse at a couple that will be exclusive to each version.

Pokemon Sword and Shield news just dropped, and there's a lot to unpack: new Pokemon, Gigantamaxing, and more! During the pre-E3 2019 trailer, Nintendo explained the latest mechanic, Dynamaxing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is launching on the Nintendo Switch on November 15.

Also, Gigantamax is now a thing, which changes the appearance and size of your Pokemon.

There's always a bit of decision making when it comes to picking up a new Pokemon game.

Now we have Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana.

For the team at Game Freak, they know that new gameplay elements are important to keep the series fresh, but they also know that you can't do it too quickly, else you'll turn people off.

We'll undoubtedly hear about more as Sword and Shield get closer to release.

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