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Biden says he was wrong in comments about segregationists

Biden says he was wrong in comments about segregationists”

Biden asked a mostly black audience of several hundred people in Sumter on Saturday, the first day of a weekend visit to SC. "So when she talked about being bussed, it was powerful for me and I'm sure it's powerful for a lot of people here who have experiences of their own". Then, I am truly sorry for that.

On Saturday, he asked: "Should that misstep define 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights and racial justice in this country?"

The California senator said: "I do not believe you are a racist", to Mr Biden. I talked about school districts should be consolidated in ways that made sense'.

The apology came during a speech in which Biden defended himself from mounting criticism from other Democratic presidential candidates, who've begun digging into his almost half-century in public life, including 36 years in the Senate, to which he was first elected in 1972. Biden visited the state just two weeks ago, arriving on June 21 for the state's Democratic Party convention weekend which included Congressman Jim Clyburn's Fish Fry. "I've made the best decisions that I could at the moment they had to be made", Biden said.

Several Harris supporters in the state said her pointed and personal critique of Biden, who opposed busing mandates in the 1970s, struck a chord in SC.

During the exchange, the California Democrat called out Biden for his past opposition to using busing to integrate DE schools. Hillary Clinton's strong support among black voters was critical in helping her secure the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Kamala Harris raised almost $12 million during the second quarter of the Democratic primary - giving her a financial boost after a fiery debate exchange with Joe Biden.

Before the attacks from Harris and New Jersey Sen.

During a CNN interview aired Friday, Biden praised Ocasio-Cortez, calling her a "brilliant, bright" woman but questioned whether someone so far left could come out victorious in a general election matchup against President Trump.

Sen. Kamala Harris of California says she raised $12 million in the past three months - roughly equal to what she collected in the first fundraising quarter, which ended March 31. And by the way, I think Ocasio-Cortez is a brilliant, bright woman, but she won a primary.

She has also begun embracing her controversial history as a prosecutor instead of shying away from it, telling voters that her record of taking on predators (she includes in that "big banks, big pharmaceutical companies, transnational gangs, and more") equips her to prosecute the "predator living in the White House".

"I never, never, never, ever opposed voluntary busing, ' Mr Biden said, adding that he supported federal legislation to "address root causes of segregation in our schools" and that he was always 'in favor of using federal authority to overcome state-initiated segregation", even in bygone days when it was not popular.

"I was really surprised Biden wasn't prepared for some of those attacks".

"That's what we have to do - beat Trump", said Don Palmquist, 79, a retired carpenter from the rural town of Stanton, Iowa.

South Carolina's primary is the first in a state where a significant proportion of the Democratic electorate - about 60 percent - is black.

"I think it resonates with younger voters who get all their news off Twitter or Facebook".

Ahead of his SC stops, Biden's campaign said he planned to say his lengthy public service career "will be weaponized against him by opposition researchers", would pledge to "take on those attacks directly" and would not allow his record "to be distorted and mischaracterized". But now, he said, "they've got tons of organizers on the ground".

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