Jeremy Corbyn calls on new Tory leader to stage second Brexit referendum

Jeremy Corbyn calls on new Tory leader to stage second Brexit referendum”

In a letter to party members, he said: "Whoever becomes the new prime minister should have the confidence to put their deal, or no-deal, back to the people in a public vote".

"I'll be your prime minister whoever you vote for", he said.

Corbyn said Labour would campaign for Remaining in the European Union against either no-deal or a Conservative deal that does not protect the British economy and jobs.

But it might not be enough to satisfy all in his party, falling short of campaigning for a second referendum in any circumstance - a position some wanted to adopt to counter a challenge from the pro-EU, smaller Liberal Democrats. If this were the case. the unions proposed that there should be a second referendum on the deal Labour negotiated with Brussels and that the option of Remain should be on the ballot paper.

Corbyn said in a statement that Labour accepted the result of the 2016 referendum when people in Britain voted by a 52-48 margin to leave the EU.

In a major shift in policy Britain's main opposition Labour Party announced support Tuesday for a new referendum on a Brexit deal.

The left-of-centre party has previously rejected May's deal but also ruled out leaving the European Union without an agreement and called for an election that the party hopes will bring a Labour government to power.

"The leadership's change in position is incredibly important in the fight to prevent the next Prime Minister imposing their will on the country without a mandate", she said. "Labour supports a referendum on any Tory deal and will campaign for Remain".

It follows months of internal wrangling over a settled Brexit position that reached boiling point when a number of Labour MPs, including Streatham MP Chuka Umunna, defected in protest to form their own independent party.

Pressed on whether Labour was now a party of Leave or Remain, Corbyn said: "We will give people the choice on this".

Hunt, a long-serving but lusterless senior minister who is now foreign secretary, said he offered experience, realism and a broader appeal than the divisive Johnson. In a general election I, and many like me, will be voting for a remain party. It's still unclear what Labour would do about Brexit if it formed a government.

Shadow Home Secretary and Diane Abbott was the most recent key Corbyn ally to sound the alarm, tweeting she was "beginning to worry" if her party had its strategy right.

His shift today has prompted a backlash from Brexit-supporting party members.

However, the majority of members of parliament - including Labour - are against a "no deal" option, fearing dire economic consequences.

Fifty-seven per cent said they would be hurt by plans for a 12-month work and residency limit on lower skilled immigrants.

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