The last supermoon of 2019

The last supermoon of 2019”

The super worm moon coincides with the spring equinox, when the length of day and night are nearly the same.

The "Super Worm Moon" is considered a super moon, because it will appear roughly 10 percent larger than average on Wednesday night. A supermoon is a full or almost full moon that coincides with lunar perigee, the point in the moon's elliptical orbit when it's nearest the Earth.

It was 114 years ago to be exact, in 1905, when the Full Moon and the Equinox both occurred on March 21, just one hour apart from each other (the Moon reached 100% full at 12:56 a.m. EST, and the Equinox was at exactly 1:57 a.m. EST).

The stunning celestial event coincided with the spring equinox, and its name reflects the changing of the season. The equinox supermoon on 21 March is also going by the odd name "super worm moon" for this reason.

The term "Worm moon" is due to the fact that the ground is about to unfreeze and the earthworms will start to come back to the surface.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the "full worm moon" name is derived from Native American culture. On March 19, the moon is expected to reach perigee, which means it's at its closet point to our planet in its orbit.

Grand Junction is not an ideal place for super moon viewing - at least not from my perspective.

Wednesday's full moon is also a supermoon, as mentioned above.

"There is this cool kind of illusion that happens where your brain thinks the moon looks bigger if you can see it near the horizon, because our brains compare it to trees and close objects", she said. That is where the Worm Moon comes from. Supermoons are dubbed as such because the moon appears slightly larger than usual, but not enough for us to easily notice it with the naked eye.

On February 19, the moon will be 221,734 miles from Earth.

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