Planet Nine may be a primordial black hole

Planet Nine may be a primordial black hole”

A 10-Earth-mass black hole would be the size of a bowling ball, the researchers say.

Physicists from the University of IL at Chicago and the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology at Durham University have suggested that what is thought to be the yet-undiscovered Planet Nine could be a small black hole thought to be the size of a bowling ball.

That's a scenario a pair of scientists describe in a new paper. They suggest that the orbit of the Sun has caught a free-floating "primordial black hole".

Although researchers admit that it is more likely that this enigmatic body is a simple planet, as was initially thought, they call on astronomers to remain open to the idea.

However, the study is quite controversial, but it could one day be testable.

James Unwin, a theoretical physicist, and co-author of the paper, said, "Once you start thinking about more exotic objects, like primordial black holes, you think in different ways". "We advocate that rather than just looking for it in visible light, maybe look for [Planet Nine] in gamma rays".

Past Neptune, the motion of rocky objects seems to be disturbed by something with a mass about five to 15 times that of Earth.

Since the mysterious world exerts such a powerful gravitational force on a large region of the solar system, Brown called it "the most planet-y of the planets in the whole solar system". The gravity of a distant planet might cause its orbit. In the event that they're appropriate, they are saying they are going to have the ability to discover supporting proof within the type of flashes of gamma rays, created by the interactions between darkish matter particles within the halo surrounding a black gap. A new study now suggests that the gravitational pull could come from a primordial black hole- a small black hole that scientists have theorized formed during the Big Bang. "These primordial black holes can be much lighter; for example, an Earth mass, or in fact, even lighter". The authors said that if they find these signals, it would mean that Planet Nine is actually a black hole.

Unwin and his collaborator Jakub Scholtz, a junior research fellow at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology at Durham University, proposed that perhaps a primordial black hole whizzed by, interacted with the solar system's other members, and became trapped in an orbit.

To detect objects of that mass, whether planets or black holes, astronomers can look for weird blobs of light formed when light "bends" around the object's gravitational field on its journey to Earth (simulated image above). Although the physicists' proposal is speculative, their search may yield all sorts of information about dark matter and the sources of gamma ray flashes-whether they lie within our solar system or far across the universe.

A new paper posted Tuesday on arXiv, an online repository for research that has not been peer-reviewed, suggests that Planet Nine could be one of these ancient black holes, roughly 10 times Earth's mass and the size of a bowling ball.

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