Elon Musk unveils new Mars rocket prototype, expects missions in months

Elon Musk unveils new Mars rocket prototype, expects missions in months”

In a speech that was streamed live from SpaceX's launch facility in Texas, Elon Musk unveiled the spacecraft that he hopes will make space travel a common affair.

The rocket will be tested in "one to two months" and carry its first passengers at some point next year, Musk claimed.

Starship, a shiny steel rocketship created to ferry dozens of humans to the moon and Mars, is the top half of Musk's colossal interplanetary rocket system that stands 387 feet tall (118 meters) as the latest addition to SpaceX's lineup of reusable launch vehicles.

"The critical breakthrough that's needed for us to become a space-faring civilization is to make space travel like air travel". "A rapidly reusable rocket is basically the holy grail of space".

The new version of Starship (and its Super Heavy booster) will be able to carry up to 100 people at a time, stand 387 feet (118 meters) tall, and be completely reusable, with quick turnarounds.

The space agency has tapped SpaceX to figure out how to land vehicles on the lunar surface and help develop a system for refuelling rockets, such as Starship, in space, an "important technology to aid sustained exploration efforts on the Moon and Mars", NASA said in a release on Friday.

"This is, I think, the most inspiring thing I have ever seen", Musk told a crowd of about 200 SpaceX employees, guests, and reporters at the company's site near Boca Chica Village, which is located just outside of Brownsville, Texas.

Musk noted that September 28 is the 11th anniversary of the commercial space travel giant's first big victory, when it reached orbit for the first time with one of its rockets, the Falcon 1.

SpaceX has spent the last three years tweaking the Starship's design.

Starship is kind of not like something that's ever been sent to the area.

Even once it's not atop a brilliant serious booster, the ballistic capsule could be a beast. Like SpaceX's other rockets, Starship is capable of landing itself, but how it returns to Earth is very different-the craft will essentially belly flop through the atmosphere before landing upright on its landing pad.

"This is quite a new approach to controlling a rocket", Musk said on Saturday. "It will look totally nuts to see that thing land".

In August, SpaceX tested Mk1's predecessor, a simpler prototype called Starhopper. Not much else has been said about that plan since. Musk went on to say. Musk has a habit of making big promises on unrealistic timelines, and, despite SpaceX's impressive achievements, putting humans on Mars still seems like fantasy. Perhaps the notion of boots on Mars isn't as outlandish as it sounds.

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