Republican Senator Heller opposes healthcare bill

Democrats have long opposed repealing the Affordable Care Act and have instead tried to convince Republicans to work toward fixing problems associated with the law. She said there's still a need for some sort of rule created to push healthy people to buy insurance, to replace Obamacare's individual mandate -which would be eliminated under the Senate proposal. She said she's focusing on senators who previously said they didn't want to cut Medicaid.

Much of the outcome could hinge on the BCRA's proposed cuts to the Medicaid program.

Yesterday the Republican leadership in the Senate released a draft bill to replace it, with a vote set for next week. The bill would also cut taxes for high-income Americans.

Both the House and Senate would have to vote again on a final version before sending it to President Donald Trump for signature. This press conference may have been Heller laying claim to one of the two lifeboats that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can spare in order to get to 50 votes.

McConnell, eager to approve the legislation next week, indicated he was open to changes before it reaches the Senate floor, but he said it was time to act. The bill would create a new system of federal tax credits to help people buy health insurance, while offering states the ability to drop numerous benefits required by the ACA.

He said Medicaid funding is unfair because states with successful programs receive less money from the federal government than states with failing ones. Portman, Murkowski, Heller, and other key GOP senators represent states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

"The protections around pre-existing conditions are still in place in the Senate bill, but the waiver authority gives states options that could include limiting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions", says Pearson.

Arizona's Republican Gov. Doug Ducey said Friday the Senate GOP bill falls short of what his state needs. "If the bill is good for Nevada, I'll vote for it and if it's not - I won't", Heller wrote in a statement, Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

"Page by page, this Republican plan forces Americans to pay more for less, less comprehensive health care coverage", said Sen.

The lobbying group is waiting to see the analysis of the bill's impact on spending and insurance coverage from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, expected next week.

The addition of the six-month waiting period to Senate's Better Care Act, however, could make it more hard for Republicans in the chamber to pass the measure with the budget reconciliation process. Moderates including Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, have expressed concern that the measure would cause many to lose coverage.

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