Game Of Thrones Confirms Cersei is Becoming The Mad King Reborn

Game Of Thrones Confirms Cersei is Becoming The Mad King Reborn”

After you're done taking the quiz, check out how Lady Tyrell orchestrated one of the most game-changing moments on Game of Thrones - the death of Joffery Baratheon. The show will really miss her.

On Jaime Lannister taking Highgarden and killing Olenna - "We made a decision to cut to the chase and cut right to Jaime, single-handedly going to the person who he is there to see, and that is Olenna Tyrell". To perfectly parallel her own daughter's death, Cersei even delivered the poison with a kiss.

And Myrcella's death wasn't the only one of Cersei's children she avenged in the episode, titled "The Queen's Justice", though neither Cercei nor her brother, Jamie, knew it beforehand. Whether it's the effect of being one of those mid-season throat-clearing episodes, or Game of Thrones trying to subvert expectations by downplaying the drama, I found the hour a little damp and mumbly.

No one can make dialogue bend, snap, and menace the way Diana Rigg can, though most of the major characters tried in this week's episode, to varying levels of success.

Olenna didn't gloat like the Red Viper, or angrily choke like Joffrey.

But instead, the last thing Jamie will ever hear Olenna say is that she killed his son and there's nothing he can do to justify it anymore.

Olenna admitted to Jaime she'd done whatever was necessary to protect her family and house. Lady Olenna no longer had to worry over that issue by the time her final day had come.

Olenna was a massively underrated character. Her death - convincing, but presently unconfirmed - came via poison after Cersei (Lena Headey) sent Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) to steal the Tyrell gold and eradicate House Tyrell for good. Cersei was convinced that Tyrion was behind the murder and their father, Tywin Lannister, oversaw his trial and sentencing. Again, reaction from fans seemed to place Olenna in a neutral position among the catalog of characters.

With Olenna's previous history in mind, viewers are in a position to approach Olenna's death without heartbreak found in Robb Stark's death or enthusiasm derived from Ramsey's death.

During the final episode of season 5 titled "Mother's Mercy", Ellaria chose to avenge the death of her lover Oberyn Martell by killing Cersei's only daughter, Myrcella. And if - when - it comes, it looks like it will be entirely her own fault, because she's reliving the last days of the Mad King. As Cersei descends further into Mad Queen territory, she's getting a bit Boris-and-Natasha, as my friend put it.

The clip hints that the young Stark warrior will finally return to her ancestral home in the fourth episode of season seven, The Spoils of War. But of course I don't die on screen.

On Jon's perspective towards the Mother of Dragons - "He doesn't have much insight into what she's gone through, so I think he sees a rich girl with a fancy name sitting in a big chair with a fancy dress on, proclaiming herself to be the queen of the world ..."

Game of Thrones airs on Sundays on HBO at 9/8c.

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