Chrome update kills unwanted ad redir… WIN A FREE iPad!!

Chrome update kills unwanted ad redir… WIN A FREE iPad!!”

We've all encountered websites that redirect us someplace else unexpectedly.

"Starting in Chrome 65 we'll also detect this behavior, trigger an infobar and prevent the main tab from being redirected", says Ryan Schoen, Chrome's product manager, in the announcement post.

Google's also taking action against sketch websites that open the intended destination of a hyperlink or button on a new tab and display malicious pages on the current tab.

The unnecessary redirects normally come from third-party content embedded in the webpage even if the page author might not have meant to redirect traffic. With Chrome 64, in testing now and due to ship early next year, Chrome will block that kind of bait and switch, Google said.

Google doesn't think its changes will be a bother to "well-behaved" websites.

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The work shows how the technology and conventions that govern the web are a constant work in progress - and browser makers can exercise unilateral authority in setting those standards. It's a tactic many websites use to funnel traffic to unintended destinations.

Chrome, the most-used browser according to analytics firms like StatCounter and NetMarketShare, exerts the most power.

In addition to the new Chrome features, Google has also released an Abusive Experiences Report, which allows website owners to see how many times their website has been reported for abusive experiences, including redirects.

Separately, an update slated for January, will block sites that intentionally break Chrome's rules by "disguising" links as other types of elements you'd expect to see on a page, like a play button.

In recent versions, Chrome has implmented various measures to increase security and ensure a good user experience, like preventing content from autoplaying. The goal behind this report is to help site owners address these issues, but Schoen said sites with abusive experiences that are left unaddressed for 30 days will no longer be able to open new tabs or windows in Chrome. Google says this is a circumvention of Chrome's pop-up blocker and with Chrome 65, those unwanted redirections in the main tab will be blocked and an alert notifying users of such will show up in an infobar.

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