Belgian Gambling Commission rules that loot boxes are gambling - VTM

Belgian Gambling Commission rules that loot boxes are gambling - VTM”

Now, gamers have gained an ally in Belgium since the country's officials have classified loot boxes as gambling.

While EA's Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was a highly-anticipated title following the success of the original Battlefront, the game has been marred in controversy with regards to the loot box feature, which some felt was a bit unreasonable and also felt a bit like gambling. Roughly speaking, it would seem that the commission equated the mixing of addiction and money as gambling, which can have a lot of interpretations.

In-game payments are not new and are often used as a way for players to gain new cosmetic elements such as new character skins. In that sense, Geens said: "Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is risky for the mental health of the child".

The Belgian Minister for Justice said: "That takes time, because we have to go to Europe. We will certainly try to ban it". It was reported that on November 16th, Disney had given EA a phone call to inform them about how they needed to fix the mess after the news about the premium loot boxes went viral and reached mainstream news outlets like CNN and CNBC.

The move by Belgium's Gaming Commission could have far-reaching consequences since many properties, not just Star Wars: Battlefront II (who placed microtransactions in the country's cross-hairs), implement loot boxes in one form or another. Simply check back for updates.

Geens hopes that all micro-transactions where you don't know exactly what you're getting will be banned in all of Europe. (Electronic Arts is already trying to figure out a way to reactivate the "loot box" system in Battlefront II - it hasn't officially commented yet), this could be a huge precendent with overseas game sales, especially if Europe has any word on it.

In case you are unfamiliar, loot crates, or loot boxes, are items that can be bought in-game which contain a randomised selection of items which can include clothing for your avatar, or weapons or other unlockable content.

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