Survivor season 35 Ponderosa: Ashley Nolan struggles to find a thing

Survivor season 35 Ponderosa: Ashley Nolan struggles to find a thing”

Next week is the Season Finale. Who will Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast - earning the title of SOLE SURVIVOR?

I've been watching this show since I was eight and let me tell ya, there's no show like it! What did you miss this week? You're like, I don't even know why I'm here in the first place. He fooled everyone, getting them all to vote for him and then using his hidden immunity idol to vote out Lauren. Lastly, they acknowledge that while Ben maybe should have gone with Dr. Mike and Ashley, they also mention how he tried to work with them and is not great strategically.

AB: I know Devin had an original alliance with Ryan but his alliance with you seemed way more powerful and the reward challenge selection of Ryan could not have been enough to break Devin in your alliance. The winners will take a chopper to a resort on a private island, where they will dine on chicken, lamb, lobster, and chocolate mousse. This private island had a luxurious pool among the handsome ocean and all you can eat and drink! This challenge, the six were randomly paired up to complete a partner obstacle challenge. Ashely wants to split the vote between Ben and Dr. Mike in case one of them has an idol. Chrissy, Ryan, and Devon have a discussion, and Dr. Mike insists that Ben must go next. Each pair must transverse an obstacle course while tied together with ropes. It was Chrissy and Devin who won this reward and they both picked Ryan to join. Ashley, Devin's main ally, was surprised by this decision.

Early the next morning, while the others sleep, Ben is off and on the hunt for another hidden idol. Crissy wakes up and sees that Ben isn't in camp, which makes her a little nervous that Ben is out looking for an idol.

To seemingly prove his point, Ben finds a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Probst points out that Devon didn't take Ashley on the Reward.

Reality TV World: Towards the beginning of Tribal, why do you think Ben told everyone to vote for Mike instead of someone like Devon given he had just talked about how Mike wasn't part of a pair and was basically a swing vote with no loyal allies? .

In Ashley Nolan's Survivor Ponderosa experience, she was fearful that she would not be received well. Jeff greets the Tribe, where Ashley gives back the Immunity necklace. On Jeff's "go", they will race through the obstacles, to the finish and then attempt to land 5 rings on a target. Climb up and throw a ball to release another set of ladder rungs, get to the top and solve a cog puzzle; the first puzzle to solve the puzzle, spinning it and raising their flag, wins Immunity and a guaranteed spot in 1 in 5 shot at getting to the end, the loser will be the 6th person in the Jury. Once the hard cog puzzle was solved correctly, it would spin to raise the Immunity Flag. Chrissy says no matter what, one of them needs to win Immunity. He's had a target on his back for days now and it's certain that everyone would be voting him out at Tribal Council. Ben tells Jeff that he wants to cut to the chase and pulls an immunity idol out of his boot and puts it around his neck. Traditionally in Survivor, once an Idol has been played, a new Idol is brought back into the game. Ben feels he can use their emotions to his advantage but knows he has a lot of work to do to keep his butt in the game.

So, as soon as Ben put his idol on [his neck] before the votes - and people were surprised at when he was putting the idol on, like when he was showing that he had an idol - that was surprising, but I don't think anyone was surprised that he had one. So... what exactly happened?

When arriving at Tribal, it was unknown to everyone if Ben actually found an Idol, but they were sure about writing his name down anyway. Devin felt confident coming into Tribal and he made it known that Ben would be voted out. Additionally, Stephen had no problem with Ben being allowed to play his idol before the votes were cast, which Rob felt added some excitement.

Jeff goes to tally the votes, reminding the Tribe that any votes used against Ben will not count. I've never played "Survivor" before. Shocking the rest of the castaways, Ben said he would be willing to write down Mike's name if anyone wanted to join.

Crissy wants to vote out Ashley. Chrissy says she wants to go to final 3 with them; Devon agrees with the alliance as Ryan nods, saying it would be cool!

What a season, especially these last couple episodes. I think it made sense that she wanted me out but I don't think I was the biggest threat. She did not appreciate that, and Ben is the only person she took a hug from. I came to him at another point wanting Lauren out and he started realizing, "Oh Ashley is playing this game better than I thought". What are your predictions?

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