Putting a vehicle in space changes everything

Putting a vehicle in space changes everything”

The Falcon Heavy is made up of three first-stages from SpaceX's workhorse Falcon 9 rockets, joined together under a single second-stage, which delivers the payload into orbit or deep space. Commercial launches began in the 1980s with French firm Arianespace, but until a decade ago corporations, particularly in the United States, were more likely to use USA or Russian government rockets to get their payloads into space than the other way around.

Cameras mounted on the vehicle fed stunning video of the convertible floating high above the ocean with its driver, a space-suited dummy, named "Starman" after the Davie Bowie song.

But beyond the mechanical architecture of the launch, and its high-degree of difficulty, the launch provided the artful inspiration Musk has pursued for years.

Bezos' private rocketry company is designing and manufacturing 270- and 313-foot variants of the company's planned New Glenn rockets, which will launch no sooner than 2020.

Thousands traveled to the Space Coast to witness the 3:45 p.m. ET demonstration flight from Kennedy Space Center's pad 39A, jamming roads for hours after liftoff of the world's most powerful rocket. It has not yet launched, though NASA did test a motor and they likely feel the pressure now. "It can do anything you want".

A failure for the Falcon Heavy would have been a major setback for SpaceX, but would still have opened opportunities for rivals. Technically, we can. In the final accounting, landing a stage or making a superheavy rocket is a mathematical task, and we aren't out of mathematicians. The payload on Tuesday's flight, Musk's Tesla roadster, weighs about 2,700 pounds.

Credit NASA  Frank Michaux
Credit NASA Frank Michaux

Inventor Elon Musk continues to innovate as he just sent a Tesla to orbit the Earth and the pictures have everyone amazed! In fact, two of the three boosters used today were "flight proven" or "used" rockets.

"Because in both cases the only thing that is expended is upper stage", Musk said. Most other rocket makers discard their spent boosters in the ocean. "So I think it's going to encourage other countries and companies to raise their sights and say 'Hey we can do bigger and better, which is great". The tweets below, shared with his almost 19 million Twitter followers, gave us space fans the kinds of insights we used to only dream about.

Currently, United Launch Alliance, a Boeing (BA)-Lockheed Martin (LMT) joint venture, has the only heavy-payload, Defense Department-certified rocket.

Over 10,000 people are now watching the live stream at the time of this writing, and photos of the Tesla in space are going viral across the Web and world.

Larger satellites: The size and scale of military and intelligent satellites is limited by current rocket performance. "It will be the most powerful rocket ever built, enabling diverse exploration, science and security missions".

Costs for launches are lower than competitors' because all three of the boosters used during launch are recovered to be used for more flights. Musk has plenty of experience with rocket accidents, from his original Falcon 1 test flights to his follow-up Falcon 9s, one of which exploded on a nearby pad during a 2016 ignition test.

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