Top 10 Gambling Nations Ever

Different countries have a different approach to gaming. Some prefer to visit casinos, horse racing while some prefer to play Cleopatra slots in online casinos. When it comes to gambling, Las Vegas is the first name that comes to our mind. Surprisingly, America is not the biggest and only gambling nation. There are many nations contending for the title of the biggest gambler. In fact, you did be amazed to see who are the biggest gamblers.

The following ranking is based on data provided by H2 Gambling Capital according to the countries' annual gaming loss. It supposed to differ when considered per adult resident.

1.      United States ($116.9 bn)

The United States has the highest annual gaming loss worldwide which amounts to more than 142 billion dollars. However, considering the total population of the country (323 million), it happens to be $505 per adult resident. Las Vegas precedes the world in legalized betting. There are legal poker rooms in Florida, Connecticut, and California. Even Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have their own legal online betting sites.

2.     China ($62.4 bn)

Three years back, (China including Hong Kong and Macau) was expected to beat the United States by 2020. However, the China government restrained gaming in the country in 2013 by announcing a corruption crackdown. The casinos in Macau faced a downfall while the country's profit dropped by 20%. In 2016, Chinese punters lost 62.4 billion dollars.

3.     Japan ($24.1 bn)

The country has the third largest gambling market. However, the revenue is steadily decreasing from 2003 due to the introduction of the strict law. Majority of Japanese gaming is captured by Pachinko, which can be referred to as a mix of a slot and a pinball machine. It has successfully avoided being called  gambling as the players win gold tokens that can be traded for money. Pachinko is estimated to worth billions of dollars. Japanese lost around 31 billion dollars in gambling in 2013 when it has just started to authorize casinos. It's a shocking amount for such an early stage, and it could even swell up. Well, this could be great news for the operators but not for the Japanese gamblers' pockets.

4.     Italy ($19 bn)

Italy has a history of gaming that dates back to the reign of Roman Empire. 'Ridotto' was the first government-sanctioned betting house established in 1638 in Venice. This kind of clubs was termed as casinos which means the word casino has Italian ancestry. In fact, Bingo and Baccarat were originated in Italy in the 15th century. Italy has some strict gambling laws. The county has seen a significant rise in gambling loss in recent years. It has an anticipated loss of $19 billion in 2016. On an average, an adult Italian spends $481 every year.

5.     Australia  ($18.3 bn)

With more than 200,000 slot machines, it is literally heaven for pokies. Almost half of them are located in the state of New South Wales in Australia. It has an annual gaming loss of $18.3 billion. Australia with a population of 24 million is reigning as the top spender per capita for more than 13 years. On an average Australians spent $1290 every year which is almost 40% more from the rest of the world.

6.    United Kingdom ($18 bn)

When it comes to gambling, the UK leads in entire Europe. From sports betting, bingo, horse racing, casino, bingo: UK residents enjoy absolute freedom. You can easily locate scores of bookmakers on the streets taking bets. There are FOBT or Fixed Odds Betting Terminal with video slots, roulette or blackjack machine right on the streets that can be accessed without memberships. The Brits have an annual gambling loss of $18 billion. However, it has a low loss per capita of approximately $400 as compared to Australia.

7.     Canada ($12.4 bn)

In Canada, betting (in any form) is permitted but regulated throughout its 10 provinces and 3 territories. Which province you are in decides which type of betting you are allowed to participate in. Most of the punters come from Saskatchewan. In fact, 75% of Canadians love to gamble. There are VLT or Video Lottery Terminals ticket lotteries, bingo halls, race tracks, commercial casinos available in the country.  Lottery and scratch and win games are extremely popular in the country.  The lottery has been so popular that the government had to take initiatives to stop gifting lottery tickets to minors. Canada has faced an annual loss of 12.4 billion dollars which comes to $568 per capita.

8.    Germany ($11.2 bn)

Due to German Interstate Treaty, any kind betting except wagering on horse racing was banned in Germany from 1st January, 2008. According to the European Gaming and Betting Association, it violated EU rules and thus requested European commission to amend it. In 2010, gambling was liberalized. The industry had annual revenue of 11.2 billion dollars in recent years.

9.    France ($10.4 bn)

Slot machines were legalized in 1988 and online gambling in 2010. The France gambling industry is regulated by state-owned bodies; FDJ (lotteries and betting games), PMU (horse racing), ARJEL (online gambling). Though online gambling like pool betting, poker, sports betting is legal in France, casino games, betting exchanges are banned. Surprisingly, 1.2 million accounts were opened on the online casino sites in the very first month.

10.                       Spain ($8.9 bn)

In 1981, gambling got legalized in Spain. They love to put money on everything starting from cards or a lottery to football. In fact, there is a Christmas lottery in Spain named 'El Gordo' awarding prizes worth more than a billion. It is so popular that 80% of Spaniards happily purchase the tickets even at a whopping price of £200. It is estimated that the industry has a revenue of $8.9 billion.

Based on big losses per capita, nations like Singapore, Ireland, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark worth mentioning. Did you ever think of these countries?


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