Easter Week 2018: When Easter Day is celebrated?

Easter Week 2018: When Easter Day is celebrated?”

There is only one time in the year when it's really safe to put all your eggs in one basket. With the spring weather, the hills turn green and the flowers around town start to bloom.

Those words still ring true as Easter approaches, but we sometimes forget what Jesus did for all of us - believers and nonbelievers alike.

Pope Leo I, an early Church Father, called Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday as "the greatest feast" (festum festorum) and said that Christmas is celebrated only in preparation for Easter. My friend, Pastor Brian Derrer, of Christ the Savior Church, in Fishers will be holding Easter Vigil tonight at 7 p.m. It was not until I served an LDS mission in Guatemala at age 19 that I learned that Easter celebration for many was not just a day but a week. However, as the full moon can vary in each time zone, the Church determined that they would use the 14th day of the lunar month instead - the Paschal Full Moon or the ecclesiastical moon to determine Easter.

Christians refer to this as "Holy Week" because it includes arguably the three most pivotal events of our faith. In the days immediately following Jesus's death, those who had placed their hopes Jesus, who believed in his mission and signed up to be part of his movement were disoriented, disorganized and discouraged. I will preach what they brought to the tomb. William P. YoungThe moment someone chooses to trust in Jesus Christ, his sins are wiped away, and he is adopted into God's family.

Most of us have experienced the grief of losing someone close to us. "He will always help us help others". For service opportunities in Redlands, visit Such a conflict drove the original pilgrims to seek refuge here in the New World in the first place, because they wanted to worship and live as God commanded in the Bible - not as their earthly king preferred. This week, you can also turn to God as you try to make changes and improvements in your life. Jesus' resurrection stood as God's stamp of approval on all that he taught and did.

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They were saying to one another, "Who will roll back the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?" If Jesus had reacted the way you and I probably would, there would be no good news of salvation. If you find yourself struggling with a bad habit, this may be the week to rely fully on his love and strength to overcome it. Then he was crucified. But His death did not end in His burial.

Since our hope is not in the government or political power, we are free to reject indefensible candidates on our own side, even if doing so might cost us political power.

We are all aware that the country is bleeding profusely from serious acts of indiscipline in all facets of our social life, with characters at all levels of society as culprits.

Santos, likewise, reminded the faithful "to keep in mind to express our gratitude to Jesus for the gift of hope and the gift of life".

Our faith in the Resurrection gifts us with knowing the ending - that one day all will be made well and we will praise Him for eternity.

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