How to choose an app development company: here's what you need to know

Great, so you finally decided to think about your mobile app. You might want to simply improve the existing one, or consider ordering a brand new app for your business. As a good executive, you will definitely search for getting the most valuable product for the best price. The problem is there are thousands of app development companies out there hunting the clients down. How do you find a company that will do everything exactly as you want? What criteria should you have? What do you start with? I’ll try to address all of your questions below.


Why choosing the right company is important


First of all, let’s sort the things out. If you want your project to be delivered on time, done according to all of your requirements, and be valuable and useful for the end users, - choosing an app development company will not be a piece of cake. Do your homework, and conduct research to see what the market has to offer. Believe me, you don’t want to spend hours fixing the bugs and replying to negative comments on Play Market. So, here’s an action plan for you: 

1. Carefully review the portfolio 

The first thing you should do before even putting the company’s rep name and contacts into your notepad. Go to the company’s website and hit the cases section. This way you get to see what that team is capable of, technology stack they use, design examples, etc. And if you still have no trust in that, ask a company to provide you with a few references, contact them and ask for an honest feedback about the collaboration. 

2. Know the market: consider pricing and estimated delivery time 

To find out the most accurate and up to date pricing, you might want to check, Upwork, and similar catalogs. A lot of factors affect the price: the company’s location (Eastern Europe and India are way cheaper than US developers), the complexity of your projects, scope of work, chosen platform (iOS and android app development), and level of team members needed to deliver your project. When you clearly define the project requirements, find 5-10 companies and ask them to estimate the scope of work and timing for you. As a result, you will have a few companies to choose from.

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3. Communication: get to know the company you are going to work with  

Devil is in the details. As you choose an app development company to work with, pay attention to every detail. How long does it take them to respond to emails? How professional is the way they communicate? How accurate was their estimate of project timing and price? If the company lacks resources to respond promptly - will they meet deadlines of your project? 

4. Make sure they get you right 

A company you are going to work with should understand what you want them to develop, who is the end user, what issues does the app solve, and why you need it. App development process has to be fully aligned with the needs of your business. And the app itself has to be designed to  

Just to sum it up 

Let’s face it - choosing the right app development company is almost a half of your future app’s success. Make sure you review the portfolio, research the market, set up a pleasant, professional communication, and the company understands your business goals. Before starting to work with a company, clearly define your requirements and expectations, set appropriate deadlines and budget. With all the above-mentioned tips, hope you will find the right company to work with.


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