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Represent of the third generation of antibiotics – Suprax Cefixime

Suprax is a Cefixime-based medicine and acts bactericidal, i.e. it kills bacteria, and thus fights against infections. Doctors prescribe it for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract infections such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, the initial stage of pneumonia, and acute inflammation of the middle ear. Apart from that, Suprax has proven to be very effective in treating urinary tract infections, as well as genital infections such as gonorrhea.

Suprax Cefixime can be found on the market in the form of syrups or pills. The regular dosage is 400mg, no matter of treated condition. The dose can be taken once a day or divided into two equal parts of 200mg that you will take every 12 hours. The treatment with this medicine usually lasts for one to two weeks, but it is recommended to finish the package in order to prevent recurrence of the disease in that period, even if you feel better.

Bacteria in our organism survive by creating cell walls that protect them from external influences. The principle of the Suprax Cefixime action is such that it prevents this process, weakening their functioning.

This antibiotic is safe for use in children, which are particularly susceptible to infection. Children younger than 12 years of age often suffer from inflammation of the ear or sinus, and the Suprax therapy is the right solution. The dosage is adjusted to the current state of health, and in children, the weight is considering too.

When Suprax Cefixime is not safe for use

There are cases when the use of this antibiotic is not recommended. They are:

§  In children under one year of age – the efficacy of the drug has not been established at this age;

§  In pregnant and breastfeeding women – in these cases there is no concrete evidence that it is safe to use Suprax; also, there is no evidence of potential contraindications, but due to the susceptibility of these conditions, it is not recommended to use this antibiotic unless the doctor carries out further analysis and does not confirm the safety of its use;

§  In people who have a predisposition to a heart attack, a seizure or a stroke – in these conditions, sudden attacks and blood outburst to the brain are possible. These patients are mainly prescribed the anticoagulant therapy, which is one of the groups of drugs that has a negative interaction with Cefixime;

§  In patients with diagnosed chronic kidney disease – in this case the kidney function is reduced therefore the ability of the organism to eliminate harmful substances, as well as a higher amount of useful elements, is decreased. For this reason, the Suprax active substance can store in our body, and this further leads to the creation of resistance of pathogenic bacteria to this antibiotic.

§  If Penicillin allergy is established – due to the wide use of penicillin-based antibiotics like Suprax, this allergy is very common, so your doctor should be informed to suggest a suitable replacement for Cefixime.



Side effects of Suprax Cefixime are common, from a headache to nausea. However, special attention should be paid if diarrhea occurs. If it does not pass within a couple of days, and especially when blood or mucus appears, the treatment should be declined, and you should visit your doctor immediately.

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