Lawyer to appeal $4 verdict in police shooting of black man

Lawyer to appeal $4 verdict in police shooting of black man”

The jury was tasked with discerning whether or not police used excessive force when dealing with Hill, if the family deserved to be awarded damages, and how much the family should get. Because of this, the family was given a symbolic $4: a dollar for the funeral and $1 for the emotional damage each of his children may have experienced since their father's murder.

Monique Davis, Hill's fiancee, walked out of the courtroom when she heard the amount of the award, according to NBC. "There are a lot of questions I want to ask".

Phillips said he has numerous problems with the court proceedings, which will help form the basis of his appeal. Through a spokeswoman, Judge Robin L. Rosenberg declined to comment on the case or release any information about the jurors.

Through a Facebook post one of the defendants, Sheriff Mascara, detailed how relieved he was with the jury's decision, stating he is "pleased to see this hard and tragic incident come to a conclusion".

Deputy Newman was placed in a very hard situation, and like so many fellow law enforcement officers must do every day, he made the best decision he could for the safety of his partner, himself, and the public given the circumstances he faced. 'We appreciate the jury's time and understanding and wish everyone involved in this case the best as they move forward'.

Court documents lay out what happened January 14, 2014.

Hill was in the garage when the police showed up, according to The New York Times.

It is still unclear what exactly happened in the seconds that unfolded, as Newman drew his gun and fired four times toward Hill as the garage door started to go down.

The two deputies did not realize they killed Hill after shooting through the garage door, according to the family's lawsuit, and then shot tear gas canisters through windows and called the SWAT team and snipers. The officers also claim that Hill was pointing a gun at them during their encounter.

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Newman shot through the door four times, killing Hill.

The deputies obviously did not try to negotiate with Hill because the entire episode took only two minutes.

According to the New York Times, officers arrived and knocked on the garage door.

The only gun recovered was found in Hills back pocket and was not loaded.

Newman claimed he fired at Hill because he waved a handgun.

Tests showed Hill's blood-alcohol content was 0.40, five times the driving limit. The eight jurors decided that Mascara was 1 percent at fault, while Hill was largely to blame for his death - at 99 percent - because he was drunk during the confrontation.

Lawyer Phillips said Hill's mother was seeking at least several hundred thousand dollars in damages for her son's death.

Phillips has handled many high-profile cases, most notably the Jordan Davis "loud music" trial in Jacksonville, and said he has rarely been left so disturbed by a jury's findings.

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