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First colour X-ray performed on human

First colour X-ray performed on human”

According to CERN, the technology can "to obtain images that may not make any other tool for image processing".

A smaller version of the 3D scanner that's been used for studying cancer and vascular diseases is already yielding promising results, and thanks to the licensing agreement between CERN and MARS, the technology will be commercialized. The colors themselves aren't necessarily "true" color - they're added in afterwards to distinguish various tissue types - but they do give doctors much more information from a standard x-ray scan than before. Doctors pass electromagnetic radiation through a select body part, which gets disturbed due to the presence of bones.

Traditional X-rays produce a black image when passing through soft tissue and a white image when absorbed by denser bone material.

While this provides a good enough idea of bone structure and condition, there is nothing to learn about the softer part which leaves the rays unimpeded. Professor Anthony Butler who invented the MARS spectral x-ray scanner said. Their tech is based on detectors used by the Large Hadron Collider for measuring particles created by protons smashing together at almost the speed of light. The chip basically functions as a camera, which captures and counts each individual particle to obtain a very accurate 3D visualizations of the human body.

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MARS Bioimaging leveraged these capabilities to form the third generation of this technology and use it in its full-color, 3D scanner. The system then analyzes the spectroscopic data with algorithms, creating a three-dimensional color image.

The "Medipix" is unique because it has the capability to show practitioners the difference between bone, muscle and cartilage in real time. The new imaging technique incorporates technology developed at nuclear research center CERN and produces clearer and more accurate X-ray pictures than ever before.

The working of the scanner has been proved, but it still has to go through a number of trials and regulatory checks before being used in modern-day clinics.

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