Milky Way’s colossal sibling torn apart and cannibalized by Andromeda galaxy

Milky Way’s colossal sibling torn apart and cannibalized by Andromeda galaxy”

The scientists call this galaxy M32p, whose corpse remains as M32.

One of the researchers, Eric bell noted that the discovery of the destroyed by the Andromeda galaxy will let you know how disk galaxies are able to grow and scale through mergers.

The universe is haunted by bits left behind from when it was around, such as an nearly invisible halo of stars larger than the Andromeda galaxy itself and an elusive stream of stars, the researchers write. However, the Milky way was shredded and devoured by a large galactic neighbor.

Messier 32p would have been massive, making it the third largest galaxy in the Local Group after the Andromeda and the Milky Way galaxies.

Andromeda, also known as M31, seems to be a prolific predator and researchers believe the galaxy has shredded many companion galaxies in the past. But now, using computer models, researchers have determined that much of that outer halo is actually composed of one larger galaxy that Andromeda mercilessly ripped into.

"It was a "eureka" moment".

Using a computer model Richard D'Souza and Eric Bell of the University of MI in the U.S. Together they were able to put the prices of evidence together.

The new study, which was published online today (July 23) in the journal Nature Astronomy, should help scientists better understand the evolution and effects of galaxy mergers, D'Souza and Bell said. According to D'Souza and Bell, the galaxy may finally explain the existence of M32, which is a satellite galaxy of Andromeda.

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"The timing of the merger may also explain the thickening of the disk of the Andromeda galaxy as well as a burst of star formation 2 billion years ago, a finding which was independently reached by another team earlier this year".

The sheer size of the proposed galaxy may require a rethink to current theories regarding how galaxies evolve in the wake of large scale mergers.

The Milky Way had a previously unknown big sibling that was torn apart by the neighboring Andromeda galaxy long ago, a new study suggests.

M32p was at least 20 times larger than any other galaxy that merged with the Milky Way over the course of its lifetime. "While it looks like a compact example of an old, elliptical galaxy, it actually has a lot of young stars". Andromeda, too has a halo of stars with an excess of heavier elements. Galaxies are more competitive with each other than friendly.

Professor Bell said: "M32 is a weirdo". However, for them, it was shocking to know that Milky Way had a larger sibling.

"This work might also solve a long-standing mystery: the formation of Andromeda's enigmatic satellite galaxy", the astronomers said.

As M32p was being disrupted by the Andromeda galaxy, it would likely have experienced a sudden burst of star formation, triggered by an influx of material to the galactic center.

It is just wonderful how after so many years Andromeda is still hungry for more stars and more place.

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