Evidence detected of lake beneath the surface of Mars

Evidence detected of lake beneath the surface of Mars”

That data revealed what appears to be evidence of liquid water sitting trapped beneath the ice on the planet's pole.

"This is a stunning result that suggests water on Mars is not a temporary trickle like previous discoveries but a persistent body of water that provides the conditions for life for extended periods of time", said Alan Duffy, associate professor from Swinburne University who didn't participate in the study.

Using the MARSIS radar on the Mars Express satellite orbiting Mars, the scientists were able to identify the small lake underneath the South Pole of Earth's closest neighbour.

Astronomers have discovered a large underground lake of liquid water lurking just below the surface of Mars. They can not see the bottom with existing equipment, but they estimate it is at least three feet deep, otherwise they would not have detected it at all. But Mars is colder, so finding evidence of liquid water there is always exciting, and it's not easy to detect water beneath the surface of another planet.

"The salts - which are likely similar to those found by Nasa's Phoenix spacecraft in the ice of the northern polar area (of Mars) - work like "anti-freeze", helping maintain the water in a liquid state", the Italian Space Agency (ASI) said in the statement.

So instead, they tried to come up with as many other explanations for what they were seeing as possible. This also substantially improves the chances that we may find microscopic life on Mars. SHARAD operates at different frequencies than MARSIS does, but it's also created to pick up subsurface features.

From May 2012 to December 2015, the spacecraft made 29 passes over this one region on Mars, allowing the research team to scan the area with MARSIS, and then combine those scans into a profile of the layers under the surface.

Given its location, the lake would be below water's freezing point, but the presence of certain salts in the water could help it to remain liquid.

Based on the report, the idea of water at the base of Mars' ice caps has been the subject of debate for over three decades.

The lake under the Martian ice stretches 20 km across, said the team led by Roberto Orosei from the National Institute of Astrophysics in Bologna in a paper detailed in the prestigious journal Science. Wait, what? Perhaps you heard the news. the European Space Agency has reported finding a large pond of liquid water on Mars!

According to NASA, the Red Planet is nearly ready to reach the part of its orbit called "opposition", where it's exactly opposite the Sun in the Earth's sky. They found bacteria still living there in complete isolation. They were not the first successful landing-that credit belongs to the Soviet Union's Mars 3 lander-but they were the first landers to complete their task, which was to directly sample the surrounding soil, rocks and air while looking for signs of life. Oh, you can't. It's been forced into a drastic hibernation by deadly dust storms so intense they've engulfed the entire planet. On Earth, thousands of species of microbial life have been found in Lake Vostok, a huge lake buried under almost 4km of ice in Antarctica.

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