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Deadline for health insurance approaching fast

Deadline for health insurance approaching fast”

They contended that overturning the law would throw millions off health insurance rolls by reversing Medicaid expansion, ending tax credits that help people and empowering insurers to once again deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

For Americans in most states, Saturday, December 15th, 2018, is the last day to sign-up for health coverage through the affordable care act's marketplace.

Arizonans who do not enroll by the December 15deadline can't get 2019 coverage unless they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. You just won't have coverage until February. If you have any additional income; if you're collecting social security; if you're collecting unemployment.

"Connecticut has been pretty responsible in spending on outreach and advertising", said Andrea Ravitz, director of marketing at Access Health CT.

Nationally, individual sign-ups for the first month of ACA enrollment totaled 4.1 million, down 12 percent from 4.7 million a year earlier. However, enrollment ended a year ago with more than 8.7 million enrolled across the country.

If you're unsure which plan would be best for you, organizations like Cover Arizona can help. It's a good idea to do this if you care about seeing the same people. Plans make frequent changes to their networks of participating doctors and hospitals, and you don't want to find out that your providers have dropped out of your plan when it's too late to make a switch. But the Trump administration has scaled back the sign-up period as it has tried to repeal the 2010 law creating the health care exchange.

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The penalties for being uninsured goes away for the 2019 tax year, but some states have imposed their own penalties. Going uninsured leaves you exposed to catastrophic bills if you get into a serious accident or receive a grave diagnosis.

The deadline is Saturday at midnight, WBBM Newsradio's Rob Hart reports.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh launched a counterattack September 13 to save the Affordable Care Act, seeking a judgment that it is constitutional and a court order barring the United States from taking any action inconsistent with that conclusion.

Last year, almost 75 percent of those enrolled in a plan through Access Health CT were eligible for a subsidy to help them pay their premiums.

"For those people who are completely satisfied with their insurance, if they don't go and re-enroll, they will automatically be re-enrolled in the plan that they're now in", said Doug O'Brien, Regional Director of the Department of Health and Human Services in Chicago.

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